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Coach Dasha Lukiniha

The importance of moving towards instead of moving away
by Dasha Lukiniha

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you absolutely hate? Say it’s a job. You find yourself in a job that you do not find motivational, the one that lacks meaning for you, and you find it very unpleasant to get on a train every day and make your way over there.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

One of the most important reasons you don’t know what to do with your life
by Dasha Lukiniha

This is one of the most common questions people are dealing with in our work together – “I don’t know what to do with my life. I know that I don’t like what I’m doing right now but I don’t know what else I could do.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

Feel stuck in the negatives? Here’s what you can do
by Dasha Lukiniha

You wake up and… hello beautiful morning, I’m so happy to see you! You hum an upbeat tune to yourself as you stand barefoot in your kitchen waiting for the pot to boil and look at the sunlight coming through the window and think to yourself – what a beautiful morning!

Or not….

Coach Marika Carrone

Selfishness as Self-Love
by Marika Carrone

I have read so many articles about self-love and self-development — so many information about how to achieve good results and move on in life. People are getting plenty of information about these topics.

Coach Helen Snape

De-stressing Christmas Top Tip No. 1
by Helen Snape

We all know the festive season can surface tensions and be stressful as we spend more time with our nearest and dearest. I have been thinking how to help us through it and here I am sharing my Top Tip No.

Coach Fliss Holmes

by Fliss Holmes

In a society which pitches us against one another and detrudes our self-confidence, is it any wonder that so many people are sleepwalking through their lives, feeling stressed, despondent and unfulfilled? Today’s culture seems to encourage rivalry and jealousy, leading us to begrudge others of their perceived success, rather than focusing on our own.

Coach Ewa Heard

5 steps to change your negative thoughts and feelings
by Ewa Heard

What do you do when you start feeling down or when you start having negative thoughts?

Do you just want to hide under your duvet from the whole world and watch movies hoping you might feel better tomorrow?


Does one negative thought lead to another and before you know it you cannot get out of negative thinking and you feel anxious, fearful and down?

Do you think your current ways of dealing with negative thoughts and feelings serve you?

As much as it might feel that sometimes we have no control over our thoughts and feelings, we do have control!

I would like to share with you some techniques to use when you feel down and when you feel you have no control over your negative thinking.

Coach Ewa Heard

Design and create the life you want with these simple steps
by Ewa Heard

What if I said to you that you have the power to design and create the life you want. Would you believe me?

My journey into designing and creating the life I’ve always wanted started with a simple visualisation.

Coach Ewa Heard

10 steps on how to create a business idea that is aligned with who you are, your passion and your purpose.
by Ewa Heard

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you escaped your 9 to 5 job and had a business that was aligned with who you are, your passion and your purpose?

I have always known that there is more to life than working in a job that “I don't mind”.

Coach Chris Magee

How To Improve Your Productivity in 1 Week: 4 Tips
by Chris Magee

In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk we are in the “Golden fucking era”. We can run businesses off our phone, shop without ever having to leave the house and connect with people in 10 or more ways in a matter of seconds.

Coach Chris Magee

How To Have A Great Online Dating Profile - 5 Tips
by Chris Magee

How do you have a great online dating profile?

I firmly believe and have for a long time that meeting people in person is the best way. It displays confidence from a female perspective and the initial interaction can be quite special and spark lots of chemistry.

Coach Chris Magee

How To Get Over A Breakup – 5 Steps
by Chris Magee

Going through a major breakup is one of the toughest things that can happen to you emotionally.

You spent several months or years trying new things, attending family events, cooking and sleeping together.

Coach Nicolas Meyer

Why, What, How
by Nicolas Meyer

It is very peculiar that we spend so much time and energy for taking care of our body and so less for our mind. Let’s consider, how much more we are using our mind, how much mental work we are pursuing every day.

Coach Chris Magee

How to IMPROVE your relationships: 3 Tips
by Chris Magee

Discussing your personal relationships and your challenges within them can be tricky. They are a HIGHLY emotional topic and a great level of trust must be built up before you discuss them intimately with someone.

Coach Chris Magee

by Chris Magee

Relationships can be a very tricky topic. Some people are reading about them and they are in pain, anger or frustration because of a partner or maybe a breakup. Others read about them because they feel they have found a new love, they are happy, joyful and open to learn anything they can not to fuck up what seems like something good.

Coach Chris Magee

Morning ROUTINE: 6 Ways To Improve It
by Chris Magee

Morning Routines. A debated subject by many. I speak to people at the gym on a regular basis (in the morning, obviously) about their routines, habits and what they do in the morning.

Some people love the gym in the morning, they have the get in and get it over with kind of attitude.

Coach Jennifer Rose  Brown

Law of Attraction and Financial Abundance
by Jennifer Rose Brown

Much is written about the law of attraction following the success of "The Secret". Many coaches, spiritual teachers and leaders in personal development offer tools and practices such as visualisation and positive affirmation to help others achieve the life of their dreams.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

A case of your own quarter life crisis - why it's the best thing that can happen to you
by Dasha Lukiniha

So you find yourself feeling like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You’re in your mid twenties to your early thirties and NOTHING seems to excite you any more like it did before. Remember when you used to love rolling into the office in the morning, thinking “Yeah! I’ve got this! Let’s make things happen!”.

Coach Mario Acevedo

Judge with knowledge
by Mario Acevedo

Story: Mario was about to get into the bus when a random guy just pushed him back rudely and without even apologize, he took the only free sit of the bus. After getting into the bus and paying his ticket, Mario went to the guy and yelled at him because of what just happened.

Coach Corina Pall

What is Deep Coaching?
by Corina Pall

I first came across Deep Coaching 3 years ago. My friend mentioned that she did a Deep Coaching Intensive course at the and it changed her life. Of course I was instantly hooked! I decided to enrol in the course as well, although I didn't know exactly what the course was all about.