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Coach Fulden Tubb

Rediscover Your Balance: Tips for Overwhelmed Working Mums
by Fulden Tubb

Rediscover Your Balance: Tips for Overwhelmed Working Mums

Balancing work, motherhood, and personal time can feel like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle. You might find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, and perpetually guilty for not doing or being enough.

Coach George Wilse

Weekly Thought: "You are capable of achieving anything. It doesn't mean you can't ask for help"
by George Wilse

We all have big dreams and goals, and sometimes it feels like we have to do everything on our own to reach them.

But asking for help doesn’t make you weak—it makes you smart.

Surround yourself with people who inspire and support you, and don’t be afraid to lean on them when you need it.

Coach Raluca Olariu

How Can a Transformational Coach Help You?
by Raluca Olariu

I still see a lot of misinformation about coaching, especially about transformational coaching.

If there's one question people ask me all the time when it comes to my transformational coaching practice, it is this:

How do you help people exactly with your coaching?

The follow-up after they hear my answer is usually, 'Ah, so it's like therapy.

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA

Client Testimonial - Maria P, Global Head of Product, Insurance
by Joanna Wilczynska MA

“It can be hard (to do the work) but it’s definitely worth it. Not sure where I would be if we didn’t work together.”

Coach Vedika Empower-u

Pursuit of Happyness
by Vedika Empower-u

Tears roll down my cheek... as I was watching this movie, the struggles of the main character. But there was a wide and bright smile at the end when the character achieved all he wanted.

In the Pursuit of Happyness ????

It is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who invests all his savings in developing portable bone density scanners to sell to doctors.

Coach Vedika Empower-u

Everyday Emotions That Drive Us
by Vedika Empower-u

Pixar’s “Inside Out” is more than just an animated film; it’s a poignant exploration of the complex emotions that shape our lives. By delving into the inner workings of an pre-teen girl named Riley, the movie offers a captivating look at how our emotions influence our behavior and interactions.

Coach Cherie Josephs

Six Helpful Tips to Overcome Burnout and Improve Overall Well-being
by Cherie Josephs

Burnout isn't just feeling tired after a rough day—it's a persistent state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. It creeps in slowly, affecting your enthusiasm, performance, and overall well-being.

Coach Richard Harkness

Client Testimonial - Tom H
by Richard Harkness

Richard is a fantastic coach. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Richard takes care to ensure he is the best possible coach for the situation you find yourself in. Always striving to improve you can tell that he wholly invests in your growth.

Coach Richard Harkness

Client Testimonial - Jenny M
by Richard Harkness

Having never worked with a life coach before I was a little unsure of what to expect when I first got in touch with Richard. At the time, I was struggling with lots of different elements in my life and was feeling more than a bit overwhelmed.

Coach Richard Harkness

Client testimonial - Mandy T
by Richard Harkness

I really enjoyed being coached by Richard, he is calm, considered and allowed me to really explore what was going on for me around certain issues. He challenged my thoughts, which helped me to deal better with certain situations and take control where I could, and needed to.

Coach Richard Harkness

Client Testimonial - Mhiari G
by Richard Harkness

I started working with Richard at a time in my life when I was exploring my career and personal life and values. He helped me to understand how to work with my values to make some personal decisions around work and be brave around assessing my own career worth.

Coach Richard Harkness

Client Testimonial - Alan G
by Richard Harkness

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dr Richard Harkness, through numerous meetings at regional networking events. So when he invited me to experience coaching with him I was more than happy to do so.

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA

Sunday Scaries... Is it even possible to make them go away? And if not, what’s the cost of them on our overall health in the long run?
by Joanna Wilczynska MA

Sunday Scaries aka the Sunday Night Blues got so bad for me, it became paralysing. What didn’t help was:

- Checking work-related emails (unless critical). Post-COVID blurring of personal & professional boundaries became more of an issue, so I needed to restore them

- Giving in to listless stupor of napping, scrolling, mindless hours of tv-watching, automatic snacking and RATs (Repetitive Automatic Thoughts about, e.

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA

Is your stress bucket overflowing? How to recognise how stressed you are and what to do about it before it’s too late.
by Joanna Wilczynska MA

Stress is a part of life and hoping "things will get better with time" may result in everything but.

One of the tools you can use to check in with yourself is the stress bucket. I use it as follows to examine:

- What are my general stressors currently (e.

Coach Anna Hofmann MBA MIM

How to stop your inner critic from holding you back
by Anna Hofmann MBA MIM

Did you know that around 70% of people admit to struggling with self-doubt that negatively affect their work, relationships, and happiness? And even when they try their best to get rid of these negative thoughts and feelings, they tend to stick around.

Coach Sue Webb-Purkis

Struggling with self doubt and disconnect
by Sue Webb-Purkis

Do you feel a disconnect between how you feel on the inside and how you present yourself on the outside? Maybe you experience self doubt, fear and worry inside, yet present everything is ok to anyone that asks? Maybe part of you wants to experience life in a particular way yet another part of you wants to hide away and put things off? If this feels like you then I hear you.

Coach Stephen Nock

Complaining is the Comfortable Choice
by Stephen Nock

In the moments of my life where I felt most that I was struggling, I recognized that I wasn’t aware of any goals. I wasn’t stretching myself in any way. Being comfortable or in our comfort zone is both a blessing and a curse.

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA

Is vorfreude better than the real thing?
by Joanna Wilczynska MA

Is "the anticipation of joy" equally or more exciting as experiencing the actual thing? It's such a great feeling to look forward to a trip, a meal with some friends, a night (day) out.

But! What about the day-to-day? How can we create some vorfreude every day rather than having to wait for something "bigger" to happen? Looking forward to a future event triggers joy in the present moment, so here are some ideas to try out:

- Turn a routine activity into a ritual - looking forward to having your morning coffee, lunch, an afternoon snack, an evening shower, a midday walk, a catch-up with a colleague, a call with a friend? Savour the moment before it happens - think, how will it taste and feel like once it happens?

- Think ahead - at the end of each day, ask yourself what are the 3 things you're looking forward to tomorrow?

- Rethink your thinking patterns - are you prone to catastrophising or negativity bias? Rather than feeling dejected that you're only going away for one night instead of the whole weekend, focus on all the nice things you'll get to experience precisely because you'll be away

- Savour the moment - just as you are about to have the first sip, the first bite, just as you are about to step into the bath, open the book or start watching the show, pause briefly and acknowledge the moment that's about to happen and how good it feels that's it's almost here

- Treat yourself - schedule that dinner or lunch with a friend, go and see that show, visit the art gallery, take that day trip.

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA

Is it burnout or am I just... exhausted?
by Joanna Wilczynska MA

If you are experiencing ongoing mental, physical and emotional exhaustion which has been caused by repeated and prolonged stress that doesn't improve with rest, chances are you are burning out. And sadly, it can happen at a job you really love, when you're so keen to contribute and engage to a level that you cannot sustain.

Coach Joanna Wilczynska MA

How is it Monday again?! And why is there so much to do… again?!
by Joanna Wilczynska MA

If you’re feeling overwhelmed on repeat, remember:

- Your to-do list will never end. It will only end when you do

- Your to-do lists is not your boss. It’s a tool for you to use - to make your life easier

- Write everything you need to do today… and then cross most of it out!

- Be realistic with your time - how many hours can you actually actively work today? 8? How about those two meetings in your calendar? Oh, right… so it’s 6 hours, then.