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Coach Doris Efford

Gratitude Prompts
by Doris Efford

Every transformation, every positive change, every recovery all begins with gratitude. It is difficult to move into happiness if you cannot be thankful for things or people in your life. It’s a simple concept, but not always easy.

Coach Tom Godfrey

What if you could transform your life...
by Tom Godfrey

What if you could transform your life, from one simple choice?

Could one moment really change your life? It did for me, and I believe it could for you too.

I'm Tom Godfrey, a Transformational Coach in training with Animas London.

Coach Alex Planidin

If I was not meant to have what my heart desires why do I want it so badly?
by Alex Planidin

A client recently brought up this question after a session, followed by "if I wasn't meant to have it then why is the not having it making me so unsettled?"

This was my response:

I think you ARE meant to have your heart's desire.

Coach Alex Planidin

This Voice is not Small!
by Alex Planidin

I've been kidding myself that this "little" voice,
(the one that whispers in secret to me)
That this quiet voice is so small!
So fragile, so quiet, so timid and light
No wonder it cannot be heard.

Coach Alison Wilson

How To Get Unstuck And Jumpstart Your Success
by Alison Wilson

Are you feeling flat and unmotivated following the recent strangeness of our lives?

Or maybe you know where you want to get to, but it all seems too big and overwhelming?

Maybe you feel trapped by your current situation and feel like you've run out of options?

Or you don't want to launch your blog post, book, business, or side hustle until everything is absolutely 'perfect'?

Whatever the reason for your wanting to 'get unstuck', I'm here to help.

Coach Andy Nisevic

Leadership...easy, right?!
by Andy Nisevic

In this humble writers' opinion, leadership is a paradox. It's simultaneously the easiest and hardest job in the world. Put simply, a leader identifies what motivational goals a subordinate has, then uses that to help them achieve beyond what they thought was possible.

Coach Alison Wilson

Do You Feel Like An Imposter
by Alison Wilson

If you do, you aren't alone, this comes up time and time again with my clients. Whenever I spot a theme like this, I love to do some extra research.

Always the lover of an online quiz, I started by googling ‘do I have imposter syndrome?’

It turns out that I’ve developed pretty good self-belief in my abilities over recent years.

Coach Matthias Bernauer

by Matthias Bernauer

Only Begin to feel that you can already live what you are having inside your Mind. A Thought is just a long Process of who you will become as a Person. Create your own positiv Train of Thoughts where you are easily and confidently see how much you already can be.

Coach Matthias Bernauer

by Matthias Bernauer

When you are seeing yourself making the next great Decision you maybe allow yourself to think through it on a Daily Basis like you are the high End Computer who is drawing his wonderful Outcomes into the World.

Coach Alex Planidin

Honest Asking
by Alex Planidin

The only thing that’s real for me
Is wanting to love and serve.
To honour this expansive feeling of togetherness,
Sense it in my body
Share it with the trees, the sky, the springtime blossoms
Who all already know, always.

Coach Helen Gray

9 Tips on how to build a healthy diet into your family.
by Helen Gray

Weight and our relationship with food is a complex issue. An issue that reported in total 1.02 million hospital admissions from 2019 to 2020 in England where obesity was the main or secondary cause for hospital admissions, during a pandemic, adding pressure to a healthcare system that is already overburdened.

Coach Matthias Bernauer

by Matthias Bernauer

The moment is when you are standing actively out of your Bed and saying to yourself that you will Win this Day and Doing all the important Things that you really want to do. Focus your Awareness on the Picture that you will achieve by Time because its only you who is in Control of his Behaviour.

Coach Matthias Bernauer

by Matthias Bernauer


A Change is like a wonderful Decision you are feeling when it is the Right Time to do. As soon as you Build up the First Steps into your desired State you will feel a Relieve and you will know that you are coming one little Step closer to your Dream.

Coach Andy Nisevic

Pfft... another day, another dollar right?!
by Andy Nisevic

"The inbox is filling up, the washing machine is broken, the boiler's on it's last legs and now my boss wants me to get those poxy mandatory competencies up-to-date before the end of the day."

Does this resonate with you? Do you sometimes (or all the time) feel so overwhelmed by normal, day-to-day, life that you're absolutely shattered by the time you get home, but wide-awake, and can't settle, when you go to bed? You are not alone!

But what do we do? Do we muddle on through, praying for that lottery win, so we can throw money at our problems, then just jet off somewhere hot and sip mojitos all day long? Do we continue with the daily grind until we retire into the worn down miserable old gits that we used to laugh at, or run away from, when we were kids? How many of us get stuck on that path, often without realising it until it's too late?

That was very nearly me.

Coach Helen Gray

Stick to healthy eating at socials...easy right? Or is it?
by Helen Gray

Eating for your health can be met with the rolling of eyes, aggressive questions and even criticism at socials, even in general. There can be feelings of unease and fears of being judged by others.

What if i was to tell you, you can address the fears that others may have, keep your own boundaries in tact and not compromise your healthy habits?

It is possible!

Bring empathy and compassion into food conversations.

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis

Are you stuck on the floor?
by Phoebus Apostolidis

Have you ever failed in life? Have you found yourself repeating the same mistake over and over again?

In my life I have often found myself down. All dusty and confused about how I ended up there.

Coach Zen Wilhelm

Why You Should Focus On What You Want More Than What You Need
by Zen Wilhelm

Yesterday, I woke up and saw clear blue skies.

The first thought I had was that this would be a perfect day to take a hike up to Oyster Dome, a nearby overlook that I have been wanting to check out.

Coach Helen Gray

FAQ for a Health Coach
by Helen Gray

What does a Health Coach do?

Provide general wellness and nutritional information, options, recommendations, guidance, motivation and skill building to establish healthier lifestyle habits.

Coach Wayne Trevor

Ready to Roar?
by Wayne Trevor

How are things going so far for you this year? Maybe a month ago you were talking or thinking about making some changes in your life- getting fitter? Changing jobs? How’s it all been going for you?

It’s ok if things have stalled- ok even if you talked about them and then woah- another month gone already.

Coach Helen Gray

The question is not if such a crisis will occur but when?
by Helen Gray

Taking control of your own individual life and living positive healthy habits as part of your lifestyle, increases the likelihood that when will be later rather than sooner.

Most people find themselves completely underprepared for major health crisis and end up desperately seeking treatments or cures.