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Coach Karl Pinnock

Never Too Late To Be A Late Starter
by Karl Pinnock

How many of you want to make a change in your life? It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be a career change or starting your own business or maybe starting a new hobby.

Now how many of you haven’t started or done anything about that change you want to make? Now, there are many different reasons why you haven’t done anything.

Coach Nick Hatter, Dip.Coach

Two words that sabotage your success
by Nick Hatter, Dip.Coach

I gave a talk to entrepreneurs at Runway East in London, which was a great success and resulted in emails from attendees thanking me for an inspiring and great event - some of them even asked me to give them life coaching.

Coach Ignas Genys

Finding Values And Needs
by Ignas Genys

Have you ever felt the load of important existential questions piling up at the back of your mind, when all of a sudden you find yourself stood in pause watching the answers one after another crop up in front of your eyes? I felt that way one day when I was staring at the wall with a bunch of posters at the ICF Lithuania Conference in Vilnius.

Coach Zsofia Pataki

Do you feed your lion?
by Zsofia Pataki

New Year resolutions don't work. It is bad news on the first week of January, isn't it?
The good news is that by understanding how our brain works can help you to change your habits and attitudes easily.

Coach Zsofia Pataki

The happy gardener
by Zsofia Pataki

Still wondering how coaching can help? Let me share a lovely tale with you.

"Charlie was an unhappy gardener. His whole life had been dedicated to growing the perfect garden, but each year he found he got the same, dismal results: the flowers died, the grass lost its colour, the weeds took over and the local wildlife stayed away.

Coach Ignas Genys

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work
by Ignas Genys

Christmas is here and New Year is at hand’s reach. This may bring about thoughts on how to go through the coming year with some extra self awareness.

It seems a segment of our society have a habit to make new year’s resolutions at the end of every year.

Coach Ignas Genys

Inside Out – With A Little Help From Your Emotions
by Ignas Genys

I watched a cartoon the other day which surprisingly got me thinking, and even more so, wanting to write about it. The film was called “Inside Out”. It was about our emotions.

I am learning to be aware of my own emotions during my work in emotional support and the non-violent communication practices.

Coach Leonie Morris

How much more could you achieve with a quiet mind?
by Leonie Morris

“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear”

Ever wondered why we have our ‘eureka’ moments when we least expect them?

In the shower, in a dream, after a peaceful walk?

The information age has brought many great benefits … it has also brought a plague of ‘busy minds’ and ‘fuzzy thinking’.

Coach Leonie Morris

Even on the bad days ... there is a bright side
by Leonie Morris

Some days don't always look like the best

You wake up with a stiff neck
You have sad conversations
Cross words
You're late
Energy ebbs and everything feels like an up hill struggle
Things just don't go your way

But you know what .

Coach Leonie Morris

Why do we find saying 'No' ... so hard?
by Leonie Morris

I am a creature of habit. My whole life has been an education in making others happy, in pleasing people ... and mostly that's fine. Making others happy gives me happy thoughts too.

This cycle means I am a 'yes' girl.

Coach Karl Pinnock

Stop! Regroup! Start Again!
by Karl Pinnock

When you feel like everything you do goes wrong and your goal appears to be getting further away. Here is a strategy to bring things back on track.

As we all know, when we have a goal to reach there are a series of things we need to do to get there.

Coach Lita Doolan

In praise of getting a 3 star response for your work
by Lita Doolan

I want to sing the praise of a 3 star review.
I spent the summer in Edinburgh this august and there was a big lack of something.

It wasn't beer.

And it wasn't Sunshine.

Coach Emma-Jane Cross

by Emma-Jane Cross

Visualisation. We have all heard that this is one of the main things to do if you want to achieve a goal. Hands up those of us that find visualisation really easy. Congratulations! If you want to put your tips in the comments that would great.

Coach Emma-Jane Cross

by Emma-Jane Cross

You have an abundant life. Didn’t you know? You do. We all do, actually. People tend to treat abundance as a goal, a state to get to. However we are actually born abundant. We are born into a world where the natural law is abundance.

Coach Emma-Jane Cross

by Emma-Jane Cross

Are you stuck in a life that you don’t live and want to change but have no idea of how you can do that? Believe me I know it, I’ve been there. The world seems limited, you feel completely powerless and the biggest challenge is that when we are there, it is is so easy to play our victim role and believe we cannot change our lives.

Coach Dave Bevan

Resolving dilemmas by changing your way of looking
by Dave Bevan

I’m going to describe a scenario that I imagine, with minor adjustments, will be familiar to more or less everyone. Let’s say that you have promised a family member that you will spend the weekend with them, even though you are pretty sure that it will be no fun at all.

Coach Kim Gray

3 Reasons Introvert Coaches Stink at Networking and How to Emerge as a Networking Diva
by Kim Gray

Let’s be real about something right up front. Marketing strategies are designed to cater to Extroverts. That’s right! The focus is always on the numbers and collecting massive names, spending time online daily sharing and replying.

Coach Drago Gudovic

Professional & Personal Coaching
by Drago Gudovic

Do you need support to take action?
Do you feel stuck?
Are you unsure of your purpose?
Do you need greater clarity to determine your next steps?
Do you want someone to help hold you accountable for your commitments?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you may benefit from a life/business coach.

Coach Serene Martin

I Am You
by Serene Martin

So much of pain exists in this world because of the sense of separation we feel between us and everything else. This one was written to inspire us to feel connected .

I am the taste of coffee on your tongue and the glass which holds it against your lips
I am the rage of the storm and the calm of its eye
I am the blade of the knife and the energy with which it cuts
I am the wetness of raindrops and the burn of cigars
I am the green of the grass and the transparency of air
I am the curve of your smile and the depth of your remorse
I am your friend and the friend of your enemy
I am what I am and I am you.

Coach Christina Michelle

To Multi-task or Not? That is the Question!
by Christina Michelle

We all have the power to control our circumstances & environment, at least to some extent... Use your power to create a better way to do something.

One month after attending a workshop by Management Consultant Janine McDonald, I decided to test the theory that multi-tasking is in fact NOT the most effective way to accomplish several things in a short period of time.