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Coach Elena Krechko

Five laws of love
by Elena Krechko

Five laws of love:
1. Law of Adoption
We comprehend it when we accept life as a gift from our parents. Just. Never. And in this space we learn the wisdom that Love is a Gift. For him, you do not need to give anything in return.

Coach Sarah Thayer

New Year, New You?
by Sarah Thayer

Things can always feel positive at the start of something new, especially when we're motivated to begin. But, how do we stay motivated? We all know that a New Year often brings with it, hope for a better life, a brand new start and the shedding of our 'old ways'.

Coach Claire Mackenzie

Is being selfish, selfish?
by Claire Mackenzie

I have a guilty TV secret – Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Every year, along with much of the UK, I enjoy the witty repartee of Ant & Dec and getting to know the campmates, seeing their relationships develop over the weeks as they endure endless trials and living on the jungle diet of rice and beans.

Coach Claire Mackenzie

What am I waiting for?
by Claire Mackenzie

What causes that stuck feeling, a reluctance to start a task or feeling there is never enough time. I’ve spent many hours watching Ted talks and googling articles about time management, time boxing and time effectiveness trying to answer this question and not doing the task I meant to be doing!

Procrastination is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something.

Coach Sarah Thayer

How Much Will It Cost?
by Sarah Thayer

This is a familiar question when deciding to engage in some coaching - or any kind of personal development for that matter. It's a question I have also always been aware of myself, whenever I decide I want to make more changes in my life, which I know I won't be able to achieve by myself.

Coach Hellena Ajani

You are YOUR responsibility!
by Hellena Ajani

Would you consider YOURSELF as part of your regular responsibility or simply the vehicle that enables you to fulfil your responsibilities? Did you know that the first set of responsibility you have is to yourself? When was the last time you took responsibility for yourself! Not the kind of responsibility you have to USE you for but the kind which YOU have to do for your very person.

Coach Karl Pinnock

Sounds Like A “You” Problem.
by Karl Pinnock

Working in this field of change, one thing that has fascinated me is the number of colourful reasons that people are unable to reach their true potential.

It always starts with, If it wasn’t for .

Coach Steve Paul

Moving forward - what does that mean in coaching?
by Steve Paul

Coaching is often associated with the ‘talking therapies’, but while I agree it does involve talking (and listening) I firmly believe that the fundamental purpose of coaching is about moving forward.

Coach Spiros Giannatos

Obstacle or Excuse?
by Spiros Giannatos

Yesterday, a client of mine kept on saying how difficult it is to find time for him amidst work, chores and kids. His goal is to run 2 times per week, so he becomes fitter.

But, every single time that I ask him how the run was, he replies that he couldn't go.

Coach Spiros Giannatos

What is the Worst Thing that Could Happen?
by Spiros Giannatos

Usually, when we want to bring a change into our lives, we are afraid.

We are afraid that something bad will happen; that we will fail, that we will lose someone, that we will never be able to return to the place that we started.

Coach Spiros Giannatos

Changing Our Perspective
by Spiros Giannatos

Just imagine this for a moment.

It's Monday morning, you walk out of your door with a fast pace and you reach your driveway, only to find a flat tire at your car. Obviously, you will feel frustrated about the event, maybe angry and perhaps stressed because you will be late for work.

Coach Spiros Giannatos

Growing Our Mindset
by Spiros Giannatos

"I am stupid. I am worthless"
Do you know the feeling after you have called yourself stupid?

* Perhaps you are calling yourself names because you didn't get that job or promotion.
* Perhaps because you shouted (for the tenth time) to your kids when you actually know it was not their fault.

Coach Spiros Giannatos

Gratitude Journal
by Spiros Giannatos

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?

The idea behind such a journal is to contemplate on your past day and write down the things that you are grateful for.

Personally, every night before I go to bed, I write the 3 things during my day that made me smile.

Coach Obi Okolo

by Obi Okolo

A Stress-free Breath of Life

From nowhere to nowhere, birth to death or rebirth, all that really matters is now here; ironically ‘now here’ being the two words that make up nowhere. With ‘now’ denoting time and ‘here’ denoting space, time being the reverse of space in a time-space continuum of present moments, it is a continuum in which the only time there really ever is - is NOW, and the only space there really ever is - is HERE; all relative to perception.

Coach Steve Paul

Metaphors in coaching
by Steve Paul

The recently published research findings by Nationwide Building Society that 'many primary school-age children say they have never visited traditional high street shops' has interesting implications for those of us in the coaching profession.

Coach Alex Croucher

Mental fitness in sport
by Alex Croucher

I love how the power of the mind in sport can be harnessed to be your super power, it can break your opponents, it can take you to the next level, but for most it is the biggest limiter. It is an area that is over looked by so many athletes and teams.

Coach Kanika Tandon

How to deal with overwhelm
by Kanika Tandon

Recently, at a workshop this past weekend, us coaches got discussing tips on how to tackle overwhelm. It is a common theme with my clients and even I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the work that I put on my plate (but getting over it).

Coach Nargis Ahmad

How to be the celebrity of your own life
by Nargis Ahmad

Do you ever feel like you are playing a supporting role in your own life?

I’m here to tell you, you can change that. Sometimes, many women can feel like they are not the star of their own lives.

Coach Andrew Cunningham

Seven Ingredients To Develop The New Habit You’ve Always Dreamt About
by Andrew Cunningham

Coach Ibrahim Mango

The Five Pillars of Happiness
by Ibrahim Mango

(Uploaded with permission from original publisher: Family Flavours Magazine)

Just as we do not have a single indicator telling us how our car is performing, we don’t just have one indicator to tell us how well we are doing.