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Coach Dr Grace Anderson

by Dr Grace Anderson


If you really want to move on quickly from the pain of your divorce or breakup, then it’s time for you to set new SMART goals for your life!

Yes, you can set new SMART Goals that will enable you achieve various new successes, especially after you have had a breakup or a divorce.

Coach Gemma Perkins

Struggling with goals? Set yourself an identity
by Gemma Perkins

In my line of work, I spend a lot of time supporting people on reaching their goals;

- Training them in skills that will help them to be more effective
- Coaching people to identify goals and put new processes in place
- Facilitating teams so that they can have effective discussions to meet their goals

While goals are valuable, they can be a sticking point for some people (myself included).

Coach Richard Harkness

What are you truly committed to?
by Richard Harkness

Many people want to change their situation.

They’d like to do this or like to do that.

Their language is soft and isn’t holding themselves accountable.

I'm not judging this.

Coach Richard Harkness

What happens if you let go of your titles and roles?
by Richard Harkness

How hung up on your identity are you?

Your titles.

Your roles in life.

What if overnight you were stripped of them?

Who is left behind?

I’ve been through this journey leaving behind a long career and role in society.

Coach Christian Padovan

The importance of staying in the present moment
by Christian Padovan

Our idea of growth and evolution seems to be based on repetition and memory. We keep measuring failure and success comparing them to the past and to the feelings and thoughts we had.
We create some patterns based on the perception of our five senses and we reiterate them in cycles.

Coach Christos Papaioannou

How I work with leaders
by Christos Papaioannou

Many people don't consider themselves as leaders, but I tend to disagree. You see, in my definition, everyone can be a leader, no matter what they do in life or what title they have in their work.

If you work with people in any capacity, then you can be a leader.

Coach Richard Harkness

Why I love coaching
by Richard Harkness

"So are you happy now?"

I often get asked this question when I explain how I left medicine and how I chose to move in a new direction.

I'm glad that I can respond with a resounding "YES!" to this question.

Coach Lianne Wessner

4 Ways To Practice Self-Care During a Crisis
by Lianne Wessner

Entrepreneurs are always hustling, and life and work often intertwine. This is also the case when we experience a crisis, such as a personal tragedy, health issues, or even a huge life transition. In times like these, it’s vital to make space for self-care, not just for your own well-being, but for the sake of your business.

Coach Richard Harkness

You don't have to do it alone
by Richard Harkness

“I don’t know if I can do it”

“I don’t know how to do it”

This might not be true ( but usually it isn’t ).

It might be true.

But who said you had to do “it” alone?

Who do you know?

Who can you speak to?

Who can you email?

Who can you tweet?

The truth is if you open your mind you have way more possibility available to you than you’re currently seeing.

Coach Matthias B.

Think strategically....
by Matthias B.

Think strategically...

It is for me as a Coach interesting to see how little People think beyond the obvious. Its clear, when something is not working try something else...experiment....use different Words.

Coach Matthias B.

Approach Anxiety…or What you are doing in your Head…
by Matthias B.

Before i run you through a specific Process that will change your Thinking and Feeling just allow me to explain a little bit….this Social Fear and Limitations….its a normal Human Inbuild Function….

Coach Matthias B.

Master Communication-Learn Small Talk
by Matthias B.

Master Communication….Learn Small Talk

Maybe you know a Person around you who is very communicativ and talks about everything very smoothly and easy…its not magic…not a Trick..its more a Good Skillset to have to be and live like a great Communicator….

Coach Matthias B.

Change your State instantly NOW!!!!
by Matthias B.

Change your State by Yourself

Its really important to notice and recognize how easy and natural you can Change your Feelings and Thoughts anytime you want. I would like that you allow yourself to learn to change youself in one Single Breath.

Coach Viktor Sághy

How Do You Fall In Love With The Same Woman Every Day?
by Viktor Sághy

I wish someone has taught me this…

Is it possible to fall in love with your partner despite your differences?
Can you forget and redeem your marriage after several crises?
Is it possible to find love, intimacy, and mutual support again?
Is it possible to experience an even deeper connection every year?

Relationships are based on mutual connection.

Coach Dr Grace Anderson

by Dr Grace Anderson

My condolences to you all who loved Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Commonwealth who died on September 8, 2022 and was buried today - the 19th of September, 2022.

At 96 years of age, some of us still hoped that she could carry on, because we loved her beautiful face, her bright and wonderful smile, her warmth, her kindness and her wisdom.

Coach Viktor Sághy

by Viktor Sághy

When it comes to dealing with problems and people in our lives, how we relate to these problems and people makes all the difference. Have you ever felt like someone just always puts you down? Or like you have no power to change a specific situation? We all have.

Coach Richard Harkness

Chose the day you create
by Richard Harkness

The day could have turned out very differently had I made a different choice.

I was in a funk one morning. I had to make a choice:

Stay at home and spend some time alone and recharge my batteries


Chose to go with the family and tackle Ingleborough mountain.

Coach Richard Harkness

Childhood memories
by Richard Harkness

70’s Rich grew up on a council estate in the North East of England. Working class mum and dad and went through a state school system.

I had few but close friends growing up. I favoured depth of connection over popularity.

Coach Richard Harkness

Shame is like a vampire
by Richard Harkness

Shame can only have power over us if we let it. Shame we aren’t good enough, shame people will judge us, shame over the way we dealt with someone and so on. The author Brene Brown suggests we all deal with shame in different ways which often falls into three approaches.

Coach Richard Harkness

Finding your conditions for growth
by Richard Harkness

I was doodling yesterday whilst exploring what conditions promote growth for me.

It gave me the realisation that perhaps I had been searching for that one question and it's answer. That there was one key and one lock that held the secret to help my growth.