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Coach Atip Muangsuwan

Dance with our clients and explore their true values
by Atip Muangsuwan

Who would know that… starting from a common coaching topic like… “how to deal with stress” could transform into big decision-making and career coaching instead?

There was an executive client who showed up in my coaching session with a common coaching topic: ‘how to deal with stress.

Coach Melissa  McGinness

Attention 'trainee' coaches
by Melissa McGinness

The coaching community is buzzing... Here's what others are saying about their experiences with our Life Coach tutoring program.

“I found this training with Melissa life-changing. It has opened my mind to a world of growth and a form of helping people that has endless ways of.

Coach Steph Burge

Binary emotions on Olympic Display
by Steph Burge

This week I have been reflecting on the binary nature of emotions on display at The Tokyo Olympics.

Watching an athlete win an Olympic medal is witnessing the highest of highs as the ultimate sporting dream becomes a reality.

Coach Atip Muangsuwan

Your past doesn’t equal your future!
by Atip Muangsuwan

Your past doesn’t equal your future unless you decide to live there.

There was a business-owner client who told me about his past failures with respect to his business failure leading to a big debt and also the relationship failure with his wife.

Coach Bernadett Halaj

#trauma #mindfulness #healing #neurobiology
by Bernadett Halaj

Get to the root of it

I repotted my orchid, I didn't know that below the front display it developed a very unhealthy habit such as growing around a plastic label and holding onto it and surviving on yellow half dead roots.

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis

Show me your goals and I will show you who you are
by Phoebus Apostolidis

This is a famous saying out there that proves that where we want to go is where we are not. Common sense I know.

When someone doesn't have goals in life about were they want to go they end up drifting to where the current is taking them.

Coach Melissa  McGinness

Living with Intent
by Melissa McGinness

Everything is an opportunity to learn... there is no failure.. only feedback.

If you find yourself slipping in one area, remember it is a choice to get back on track. One slip into old habits is not who you are, it is simply an opportunity to step up once more.

Coach Sam Jennings II

Choose: Stuck or Unstuck
by Sam Jennings II

Pushing and pushing and pushing and not getting anything but tired.

There are a lot of ways to think about this in our work lives. The feeling when we’re working, all day, and at the end of the day, not quite sure what we actually did.

Coach Melissa  McGinness

by Melissa McGinness

Visualization is a technique that has been used by successful athletes, actors, politicians, and businessmen for decades, and offers startling results. Visualization ties your imagination to reality. Research coming out of Oxford and Cambridge suggests that your ability to vividly imagine details about a bright future dramatically increases your ability to create this future.

Coach Massimo Roselli

Are you in touch with your professional self?
by Massimo Roselli

There's a huge body of research that proves that we get to a place of authenticity in our work life and job satisfaction when our professional identity is closely aligned with our personal identity.

Identity is all about the meanings given us by others and by ourselves.

Coach Massimo Roselli

Have you been thinking about making a change in your career for a while but you're still in a job where you're not going anywhere?
by Massimo Roselli

Have you been thinking about making a change in your career for a while but you're still in a job where you're not going anywhere?

Sometimes it's not just about not being able to figure out what steps to take when we continue to stay in a place where we no longer feel fulfilled and truly successful.

Coach Atip Muangsuwan

Life and Death Decision
by Atip Muangsuwan

Have you ever heard that, “Your decision can determine between your life and death”? This is the power of your decision. It can move the mountains, change the courses of your life and determine your future and destiny.

Coach Melissa  McGinness

What could be better?
by Melissa McGinness

Do you know someone who has accomplished incredible things? Do you know someone who has dedicated their life to something they’re really passionate about?

What do you think is different about them? What do you notice that really stands out?

Do they think differently?
Do they take risks?
Do they care more than the rest of us?
Or is it really just luck?

Before I started coaching I left too much of my life up to luck.

Coach Melissa  McGinness

What is Life-Coaching?
by Melissa McGinness

This is a song for those
Who lost their hope
A long a long time ago
I know someday that you will find it somehow
Because you're not too old
To accomplish goals
And all the answers are within your soul
It's up to you, you gotta figure it out
Uh huh
"Courage To Grow" - Rebellution

The purpose of life coaching is to deeply explore and learn about the power of personal development and when actioned correctly can help you to achieve a fulfilled life.

Coach Melissa  McGinness

5 Hard Truths
by Melissa McGinness

There's always an excuse when you need one
There's always an excuse when you need one, ah
Always tiptoe around the turncoat today, yeah
Which mood is it gonna be today, yeah
-311 There's Always An Excuse

Have you ever had that feeling that your goals were just a small achievable leap away but that leap was just wide enough that you were to scared to jump? Did you start working on a goal to just quit the next day or a week later, damaging your confidence along the way? Let’s go back and give some thought to that goal you set – did you really want it? Do you still really want it? That goal was just a small leap away, what is really preventing you from taking a hold of your goals, your dreams, your future?

Say you had set some expectations around an area of your life.

Coach Sam Green

Do I Deserve to Follow My Dream? Can I Support Myself If I Jump?
by Sam Green

Writing this, I am standing on the edge of what I think is possible. I am certain that the force of gravity applies to the non-physical aspects of myself. That my dreams will drag me down into heart-ache and ruin.

Coach Kelly Olson

Honor Your Discontent - It's giving you important information
by Kelly Olson

We don’t always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be or we may have so dreams we are overwhelmed with them all. However, one thing is for sure: if we are feeling restless or discontent we are not living our dreams! Feelings of discontent and longings for something else, even when we don’t know for sure toward what we are being drawn, are actually calls from God, universe, or spirit to pursue our greater good.

Coach Mandeep Mudhar

“But where are you really from?” An exploration of identity and belonging
by Mandeep Mudhar

By Mandeep Mudhar and Jenny Stapleton

Inspired by events spurring the Black Lives Matter movement further forward in 2020, this thought-piece explore concepts of identity, belonging, and connection, starting from our own personal experiences and perspectives.

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis

Action is the mother of progress
by Phoebus Apostolidis

How many times do you find yourself being stuck, hesitant and indecisive?

What would you say is causing that for you? Maybe you know, maybe you don't. Questions create queries that help us search the answers from within.

Coach Atip Muangsuwan

“Anything is Possible” Mindset
by Atip Muangsuwan

“Anything is possible if rightly manned in right conditions.”

Have you ever heard this profound statement?

A business-owner client asked me to coach him on his seem-impossible-to-solve dilemma.