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Coach Spiros Giannatos

Growing Our Mindset
by Spiros Giannatos

"I am stupid. I am worthless"
Do you know the feeling after you have called yourself stupid?

* Perhaps you are calling yourself names because you didn't get that job or promotion.
* Perhaps because you shouted (for the tenth time) to your kids when you actually know it was not their fault.

Coach Spiros Giannatos

Gratitude Journal
by Spiros Giannatos

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?

The idea behind such a journal is to contemplate on your past day and write down the things that you are grateful for.

Personally, every night before I go to bed, I write the 3 things during my day that made me smile.

Coach Obi Okolo

by Obi Okolo

A Stress-free Breath of Life

From nowhere to nowhere, birth to death or rebirth, all that really matters is now here; ironically ‘now here’ being the two words that make up nowhere. With ‘now’ denoting time and ‘here’ denoting space, time being the reverse of space in a time-space continuum of present moments, it is a continuum in which the only time there really ever is - is NOW, and the only space there really ever is - is HERE; all relative to perception.

Coach Steve Paul

Metaphors in coaching
by Steve Paul

The recently published research findings by Nationwide Building Society that 'many primary school-age children say they have never visited traditional high street shops' has interesting implications for those of us in the coaching profession.

Coach Alex Croucher

Mental fitness in sport
by Alex Croucher

I love how the power of the mind in sport can be harnessed to be your super power, it can break your opponents, it can take you to the next level, but for most it is the biggest limiter. It is an area that is over looked by so many athletes and teams.

Coach Kanika Tandon

How to deal with overwhelm
by Kanika Tandon

Recently, at a workshop this past weekend, us coaches got discussing tips on how to tackle overwhelm. It is a common theme with my clients and even I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the work that I put on my plate (but getting over it).

Coach Ibrahim Mango

The Five Pillars of Happiness
by Ibrahim Mango

(Uploaded with permission from original publisher: Family Flavours Magazine)

Just as we do not have a single indicator telling us how our car is performing, we don’t just have one indicator to tell us how well we are doing.

Coach Helen Wong

What is mindful eating?
by Helen Wong

Mindful eating is focusing on what we are eating and how we are eating. It is feeling food in your mouth, in your stomach and feeling the pleasure of eating. It is a long-term sustainable approach to eating, where weight loss and being disease-free is the by-product of this approach.

Coach Helen Wong

Where we store fat
by Helen Wong

Jelly tummy...Thunder thighs... Bingo Wings...all terms that we jokingly refer to our unwanted wobbly bits.

We spend so much time looking in the mirror, analyzing and agonizing over our body shape.

Coach Jackie Ngu

The Power of Passion
by Jackie Ngu

I came across a post on LinkedIn which showed a young 12 year old boy dressed as a railway worker for World Book Day. His passion is trains and anything relating to trains. This was posted by his Proud Mum.

Coach Helen Wong

Food For Your Mood
by Helen Wong

We've all been there! Our kid is having a melt-down in the grocery store. We're in the freezer aisle, We see a gallon of ice cream, a box of cookies, and we throw them in the cart as reward for dealing with a humiliating and stressful shopping experience.

Coach Helen Wong

Clean Eating
by Helen Wong

It usually is so confusing when we talk about clean eating. Clean eating means eating food closer to its natural form as possible, and are unprocessed and unrefined, like vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish etc.

Coach Helen Wong

5 Keys to Weight Loss
by Helen Wong

Here are the 5 keys to staying motivated for your weight loss journey:

1. Rely on habits, not willpower.

Willpower is something you will have one moment and will totally escape you the next.

Coach Helen Wong

High Impact Habits
by Helen Wong

Have you ever tried something new for your health because you heard it was good––like buying cereal with extra fiber and calcium––but didn't notice any real difference in how you look or feel?

You *hope* it is helping you be healthier and strengthening your bones, but you don't have any way to know if it's actually doing anything.

Coach Helen Wong

Stop Self-Sabotaging!
by Helen Wong

view more colorful article here:

Do you find yourself continually sabotaging your diet (you shouldn't be dieting anyway)?
If you've broken your diet on more than a few occasions, then the answer to this is most likely yes.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

The importance of moving towards instead of moving away
by Dasha Lukiniha

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you absolutely hate? Say it’s a job. You find yourself in a job that you do not find motivational, the one that lacks meaning for you, and you find it very unpleasant to get on a train every day and make your way over there.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

One of the most important reasons you don’t know what to do with your life
by Dasha Lukiniha

This is one of the most common questions people are dealing with in our work together – “I don’t know what to do with my life. I know that I don’t like what I’m doing right now but I don’t know what else I could do.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

Feel stuck in the negatives? Here’s what you can do
by Dasha Lukiniha

You wake up and… hello beautiful morning, I’m so happy to see you! You hum an upbeat tune to yourself as you stand barefoot in your kitchen waiting for the pot to boil and look at the sunlight coming through the window and think to yourself – what a beautiful morning!

Or not….

Coach Sharon Oakley

What exactly is life coaching?
by Sharon Oakley

You may have heard the term life coaching and wondered what exactly is a life coach? And, no a life coach doesn’t save people from drowning (yes, I really did get that question once), that would be a life guard.

Coach Ewa Heard

5 steps to change your negative thoughts and feelings
by Ewa Heard

What do you do when you start feeling down or when you start having negative thoughts?

Do you just want to hide under your duvet from the whole world and watch movies hoping you might feel better tomorrow?


Does one negative thought lead to another and before you know it you cannot get out of negative thinking and you feel anxious, fearful and down?

Do you think your current ways of dealing with negative thoughts and feelings serve you?

As much as it might feel that sometimes we have no control over our thoughts and feelings, we do have control!

I would like to share with you some techniques to use when you feel down and when you feel you have no control over your negative thinking.