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Coach Henry Moors

Simulate Your Future Rather Than Rehash Your Past
by Henry Moors

Your mind can be a powerful simulator of the future or a simple recorder of the past.

Why would you use your mind to play your past on autorepeat, when you can use it to plan your future in vivid detail? Replaying your past can be extremely depressing.

Coach Helen Wong

Dealing with slip-ups
by Helen Wong

Seeing that it's the weekend, I just wanted to share some tips on what to do if slip-ups happen.

Don't make up for your binge or overeating episode.
Get back to regular eating as soon as possible.

Coach Helen Wong

Meal Prep and Tips for Breaking Unwanted Snacking Habits
by Helen Wong

Day 3 of the Snacking Challenge!

Today we're adding to the idea of physically and mentally nourishing foods. And I'm also sharing a few little changes that you can make to break your unplanned snacking habits and grazing habits (aka constant snacking)

A little disclaimer:
????I wouldn't advise you to prepare a large amount of food in advance.

Coach Helen Wong

Why Mindful Eating Didn't Help You Stop Binge Eating
by Helen Wong

You’ve probably heard of mindful eating...
But if your goal is to stop binge eating and to lose weight, it likely won’t do very much for you!

Think about it this way:

-Eating likely only takes up 1-2 hours of your day

-We are awake for roughly 16 hours (if you’re one of the lucky ones that get a full 8-hour sleep)

-So the time you spend eating is like less than an eighth of your total time awake

In the mini training in the link below, I explain why I believe living mindfully is more important and more useful than just mindful eating.

Coach Helen Wong

Nighttime Eating Challenge
by Helen Wong

????"I'll lose control and binge if I give myself the permission to eat all foods!"?????
That's one of the most common reasons people have resistance towards stopping dieting, even though they now know how dieting causes the stress response and the stress response causes binge eating/overeating.

Coach Helen Wong

Grounding, Earthing and Stopping Binge Eating
by Helen Wong

This week in the free Stop Binge Eating Community Facebook group, we're doing an Earthing Challenge--why is this even relevant to stopping binge eating?
The "Earthing challenge"is not a random challenge I've put out.

Coach Helen Wong

Why Dieting doesn't work--Dieting is stress on the body
by Helen Wong

“I don’t get it. Diet companies show such amazing before and after photos—and yet I’m here stressing over everything I put in my mouth and the scale isn’t even moving. AND even if I look at a cookie, I won’t even be able to zip up my jeans anymore”

Am I right or am I right?

-Around 60% of dieters regain their weight back within 6 months of finishing a diet
-More than 83% regain their weight back or more within 2 years
-More than 95% of dieters regain all their weight or more within 5 years
-Over 50% of dieter weigh 11 lbs or more compared to their starting weight
-People who diet are 8 times more likely to develop an eating disorder

So why do diet companies have such “amazing” results to show?
-Because most of them only do follow-ups of up to 3 months!
-Many companies use self-reported weight stats by using a weight tracker site, by phone or email (people who've gained aren't really gonna report that, are they?)
-The follow-up rates are low—80% of companies have follow-up rates of lower than 50%.

Coach Sarah Thayer

The Snail & The Butterfly
by Sarah Thayer

So many choices of coaches for you!
So, who do you choose when you don't know who?
Someone who's qualified, they'll work with your depth
Or someone in training, who's not quite there yet?

Perhaps the best way is to check-in with your heart <3
Notice those feelings, now you've made a new start
When deciding, you may sleep, reflect overnight
To hear clearly, that inner-voice speak with delight!

So, just trust your gut and feel your way through
Slow Coach Sarah knows this is essential for you!
She's experienced her own journey - in therapy and more
So she is equipped to help you unlock your new door :)

If you click on the link, here below you will see
There's a Snail & a Butterfly Manifesto for free!
And the chance to connect in confidence online
About the intentions, you'd like to achieve - in what time

So if you're inspired, Sarah's here to assist
You to get more from life; so your dreams don't get missed!
A few clicks away, there is so much to gain
No need to stay locked-in old patterns or pain.

Coach Helga Dreiser

by Helga Dreiser

How many of us have been told that our happiness depends on us and not on others?

That we are the ones, who have control over our thoughts, over the way we feel or react?

That not the situations, people or events make us feel in a certain way, but how we relate to them?

What if we change our perception and vision, our whole reality changes?

That we have the power to build our life as we wish?

That we don’t have to accept anything that takes away from us the joy of living, that we don’t have to make sacrifices and compromises because we are ashamed to say “no”?

That it’s okay to bring up issues that bother us and confront others because “politeness” or shame aren’t more important than honesty.

Coach Rowan Armstrong

How did you keep yourself entertain in lock down?
by Rowan Armstrong

What activities did you find to take part in while in your home during the lock down. What did you enjoy. The Zoom boom showed us that people need to reach out and communicate with each other. A friends of mine started to chat with some of their friends that had moved couple of years ago to Australia.

Coach Rowan Armstrong

Are you going to keep exercising after lockdown?
by Rowan Armstrong

The daily exercise became on important ritual for a lot of people during the early days of the covid-19 virus pandemic. Having that hour of freedom away from the home helped to for many to give something to look forward to each day.

Coach Rowan Armstrong

Life after Lockdown
by Rowan Armstrong

Covid-19 as and is having wide ranging effect on the world and how we live and relate to friends, family and society as a whole. In most countries the lockdown rules are being relaxed and a new why of living is being discovered by everyone of us.

Coach Helga Dreiser

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing the World into a mental health crisis. Anxiety and depression are rising.
by Helga Dreiser

A few months into the coronavirus pandemic, the world is on the verge of another health crisis, with daily doses of death, isolation and fear generating widespread psychological trauma.

We are experiencing a psychological crisis that combines the following:
- the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty – what causes us panic is not so much the fear of illness itself, but the fact that we don’t know how things will be, how they will evolve in the short, medium and long term on all levels, the fact that it’s difficult for us to tolerate uncertainty.

Coach Maria Lunt

by Maria Lunt

In order to earn trust as a business professional, confidence is key. Research shows that confidence has a stronger link to success than competence. Self-confidence is a belief that you can accomplish what you set out to do in your current role with your skills, experience and creative problem solving.

Coach Maria Lunt

The art of influence during presentations
by Maria Lunt

In order to influence your audience, your presentation needs to represent a clear story about your product/service or proposal. When information is presented into a story, our brains understand the information associated with the feelings we had while listening to the story.

Coach Jon prince

Speak your truth even when it's scary
by Jon prince

Your opinion matters.

The more you speak up and tell others what you are thinking and how you are feeling the more you grow in confidence.

The key lies in being able to handle other peoples reactions.

Coach Ignas Genys

Men's Group Online
by Ignas Genys

Have you ever met your inner child?

I have. He has the power to make me sob.

We had a session the other week in one of my men's groups with an hour long process of meeting the inner child, feeling the connection and finding out his deepest need.

Coach Grace Anderson

by Grace Anderson


When we are young, we fantasize about the kind of relationship we would love in order to be to happy. Which one of these below do you want?

– The fairy tale type.

Coach Joanna Lott

How to overcome imposter syndrome
by Joanna Lott

Do you feel plagued by feelings of self-doubt? Have the feeling you don’t know what you’re doing despite having done it before? Feel like everyone else is better than you? Fear someone will find out you aren’t who they think you are and expose you as a fraud? Think you should know things easier or faster than you do?

If you’re nodding then you may have imposter syndrome.

Coach Grace Anderson

by Grace Anderson



Your mind is the machine that is in your body that does a lot of thinking and organises your life for you. So, although your mind is not visible, it is, in fact connected to your brain and creates thoughts in your head, which eventually become the actions you take.