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Coach Dasha Lukiniha

Procrastination - a case of laziness or something deeper? Part 1- On our "good to haves", "musts" and unicorns
by Dasha Lukiniha

I used to call myself a serial procrastinator putting some things off until very last minute, causing me to wreck havoc in my schedule, airline tickets costing way more than they should and some very angry friends at times.

Coach Dasha Lukiniha

Are you your own priority?
by Dasha Lukiniha

Today I’d like to share with you a story of evolution of what putting yourself in the back seat looks versus making yourself your own priority. I hope you find these tips useful.

Throughout my teenage years I always thought I make myself my absolute priority, I mean why wouldn’t I, since it’s my life, right? I always had an impression of myself as someone who knows what they want and goes for it.

Coach Leonie Morris

How to Create Rare And Life-Changing Relationships With Anyone
by Leonie Morris

The secret of getting others to help you… because they want to. And for no other reason. Not because they were manipulated to help you. And not because they feel compelled to.

Are you transactional or transformational?

There are two basic types of relationships:
• Transactional
• Transformational

Transactional relationships are purely economic and functional.

Coach Leonie Morris

6 Things You Need to Recover from Everyday
by Leonie Morris

6 Things You Need to Recover from Everyday

Do you know what's on this list? For sustainable success we all need to pay more attention, Occupational Health studies show only 1% of us live according to the science of 'Recovery'.

Coach Leonie Morris

All you need is LOVE
by Leonie Morris

"I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you're in the world." ~Elton John (Your Song)

I am indulging myself in the topic of love for Valentine's week.

Love is a wonderful thing, As the immortal words of Elton John say, it feels like the world is a better place when we share our world with our soulmate.

Coach Leonie Morris

Life, Relationships, Career ... some things just can't be rushed!
by Leonie Morris

Some things just can't be rushed

There is a saying that pertains to the planting cycle of a new garden: The first year the plants sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap.

Coach Leonie Morris

Helping you with Anxiety
by Leonie Morris

I Got Anxious Just Reading the Stats! Got Anxious Just Reading the Stats!

I had no idea that nearly 15% of the population, nearly 10 million of us in the UK alone, suffer from anxiety. On the upside, if you are suffering from anxiety, you are not alone! But the truth is, we are struggling to meet peoples' needs, the suffering continues and it's getting worse.

Coach Leonie Morris

How much more could you achieve with a quiet mind?
by Leonie Morris

“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear”

Ever wondered why we have our ‘eureka’ moments when we least expect them?

In the shower, in a dream, after a peaceful walk?

The information age has brought many great benefits … it has also brought a plague of ‘busy minds’ and ‘fuzzy thinking’.

Coach Leonie Morris

Even on the bad days ... there is a bright side
by Leonie Morris

Some days don't always look like the best

You wake up with a stiff neck
You have sad conversations
Cross words
You're late
Energy ebbs and everything feels like an up hill struggle
Things just don't go your way

But you know what .

Coach Leonie Morris

Why do we find saying 'No' ... so hard?
by Leonie Morris

I am a creature of habit. My whole life has been an education in making others happy, in pleasing people ... and mostly that's fine. Making others happy gives me happy thoughts too.

This cycle means I am a 'yes' girl.

Coach Serene Martin

I Am You
by Serene Martin

So much of pain exists in this world because of the sense of separation we feel between us and everything else. This one was written to inspire us to feel connected .

I am the taste of coffee on your tongue and the glass which holds it against your lips
I am the rage of the storm and the calm of its eye
I am the blade of the knife and the energy with which it cuts
I am the wetness of raindrops and the burn of cigars
I am the green of the grass and the transparency of air
I am the curve of your smile and the depth of your remorse
I am your friend and the friend of your enemy
I am what I am and I am you.

Coach Serene Martin

Because We Can Change
by Serene Martin

This goes out to everyone I love. Because we can change….

When I stopped believing in luck, I was no longer a victim of circumstance

When I started looking for ways to celebrate each day no matter what happened, I was no longer trapped in my past memories

When I tried to transform the anger and fear I carried in my heart to acceptance and love, I began to breathe more easily

When I chose to eat clean, my body began to heal itself

When I followed my heart, making the right decisions came easily to me

When I accepted that everyone is on their own path no matter how much I may disagree with them, my own path lit up more clearly for me beneath my feet

When I gave up dwelling on things I could not change, more things started changing for me

When I chose to believe that all the right resources will show up for me when I needed them, they did

When I released the things that I no longer needed in life, I gained the experiences that I desired instead

When I believed with all my heart that the same force of life, which breathed life into me, was on my side, it empowered and protected me wherever I went.

Coach Serene Martin

Edge of the Cliff
by Serene Martin

There will come a time when we will need to step over the edge of the cliff of certainty

Where we feel we have extinguished all resources we have grown to rely upon in our spirits

We must believe one of two things will happen:

Angels we never knew we had will catch our fall

Or we will learn to fly

Coach Serene Martin

If you really love yourself, dream big.
by Serene Martin

"I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realised, than lord among those without dreams and desires."

-Kahlil Gibran-

Throughout my life I have certainly done things I have enjoyed doing most of the time (thank god for that).