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Coach Viktor Sághy

by Viktor Sághy

If you ever felt like you're giving too much as a coach, you might find this useful.
In another group someone asked a very good question about a client who feels exhausted by giving away too much of her energy and wants to rather "attract" clients.

Coach Cinzia Silvia Melograna

Reinventing Ourselves: Embracing Change and Personal Growth
by Cinzia Silvia Melograna

How many times have you #reinvented yourself?
And how did you feel each time?
And one more, if you look back, would you do it again?

In today's rapidly changing world, the ability to reinvent ourselves has become more crucial than ever.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

"A healthy person wants a 1000 things, a sick person only wants 1 thing." (Confucius)

One of my clients has skipped coaching due to being sick for almost 3 weeks. And during this "off period" he had one of the biggest insights around how much rest and recovery really means to him.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

There´s four key elements to having and living a meaningful life:

1. Aliveness
2. Connection
3. Meaningful pursuits
4. Growth

Even though we know this, most of the time we tend to struggle with one or more of these areas and we end up feeling bored, frustrated, sad, unhappy, exhausted, burnt out, resentful and the list goes on.

Coach Harriet Thomas

Tips to Overcome Fear and Uncertainty About the Future
by Harriet Thomas

Due to life’s challenges and many other factors, people face fear and uncertainty daily. The degree to which we are confronted is dependent upon many things. It is very common that these fears lend themselves to projecting unsafe circumstances for the future thereby making the future bleak and oftentimes without substantial reason.

Coach Ieva Spilberga

How to say NO
by Ieva Spilberga

Tell me, what happens when you say 'yes' to things, people, events, etc. that are not your priority? Exactly! You might discover that you lack time, energy, or money for your priorities. When we talk about the workplace, you probably know some people who say 'yes' every time they are offered a new task, asked to replace a colleague, or when an urgent situation arises and there is nobody else who can save the day.

Coach Mrs. J Jackson

Liver Health: Key to Your Weight Loss & Wellness Goals
by Mrs. J Jackson

Foreword: (Knowing is half the battle. Are you busy or simply don't like to read? It's ok you aren't alone.! The following listing will allow you to hear the audio version narrated by Mrs. J! Don't miss out thank me later.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

One of my current clients has been overwhelmed her entire life. She is a high-performer who has created amazing results and overwhelm has been one of the keys to creating them. ????????????
Recently though, she has been experiecing exhaustion, burnout, loss of motivation, drive and lack of purpose in life.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

The syndrome of "not being good enough" is probably one of the most common ones I support people around.

For most of my life I never felt good enough either.
But boy, it has served soooo well to create results.

Coach Ieva Spilberga

Types of boundaries at workplace to improve work- life balance.
by Ieva Spilberga

Having 15+ years of experience in the corporate world, I understand how difficult it can be to set and maintain boundaries at work. Here, I have summarized several types of boundaries that you can consider when working on improving your work-life balance, as having optimal boundaries is one of the stepping stones to well-being and happiness.

Coach Charlie Kram

Why we should never stop learning and growing
by Charlie Kram

Life is so rewarding - but sometimes it's seriously challenging too. We often need to upgrade our skills and approaches and this takes learning and flexibility. A growth mindset can help us take all that life has to offer in our stride.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

Everything starts with a desire, an ambition for more. After spending the last few years on designing and creating the life I have always wanted, I have reached a place where it all feels really good. Some would say "I have made it.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

Lately as my son is trying to master walking I have been noticing how much he can focus on a destination he wants to reach (table, toy, food etc). I love his determination and drive to get there, you can see the obsession in his eyes.

Coach Dennis Spee

by Dennis Spee

My way of coaching is client lead. This way the client will be given the space to direct the nature of the coaching session. Ofcourse, as a coach I will help navigate the situation if necessary. If and when I feel the situation leans toward a little bit of mentorship, then I open up the conversation and with the consent provided by the client I will share some knowledge.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

Recently I have found that one of my biggest challenges in my own life and in the work with clients is lack of TRUST.

TRUST in myself, TRUST in my clients, TRUST in how things will go.

THAT'S THE GOOD NEWS, because it simply means I am up to things that are way beyond of what I am reliable to do and create.

Coach Harriet Thomas

The Creativity of the Inner Child
by Harriet Thomas

Once upon a time, each of us was that innocent, uncanny child that everyone looked upon as cute and wondered what we would become. We were very curious about everything around us. We took risks that only the adults around us knew were too advanced for our age.

Coach Harriet Thomas

Letting Go: Moving Beyond Hurts and Pains
by Harriet Thomas


Explanation of what letting go means

Letting go is a powerful tool that can help you overcome past hurts and pains. It is the process of releasing negative emotions, thoughts, and experiences that hold you back from living a happy and fulfilling life.

Coach Atuora Okpokam

Developing a Growth Mindset
by Atuora Okpokam

As a mindset coach, I'm always on the lookout for ways to help people develop a growth mindset. It's the belief that our abilities and intelligence can be developed over time with dedication and effort.

Coach Tibor Sator

by Tibor Sator

In a recent conversation a friend of mine shared how much he loves spending time in the mountains. He shared how he can feel fully present, alive and completely free from drama, stress and free from having to meet others´ expectations.

Coach Harriet Thomas

Bloom Through Forgiveness
by Harriet Thomas

What is Forgiveness?

The concept of forgiveness is deeply rooted in all forms of faith and spirituality. In the Bible, Jesus referred to the concept of forgiveness in different places (Matthew 18: 21-22; Mark 11:25; etc) In its simplest form, forgiveness is the act of letting go of resentment or anger towards someone who has wronged you.