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Coach Atip Muangsuwan

The Magic of Coaching
by Atip Muangsuwan

Do you believe in magic, especially the magic of coaching?

Just like a story of Aladdin’s lamp, the magic could happen with coaching and coachees. With the aid of the genie of the lamp, Aladdin becomes rich and powerful and marries the princess who’s the sultan’s daughter.

Coach Jorge Lara

by Jorge Lara

Don´t panic, nothing is under control. Can you see what means? Take a minute to wonder before continue reading
We do the greatest efforts to control every single moment in our lives. We want our workmate to behave in certain way, our son to do this and that, our body to be more fit, our mum not to call us so often.

Coach Aline Badr

Who are you when no one is around?
by Aline Badr

I don’t have kids, and if I did, I would teach them to listen to their toes . . .

Sounds strange? Maybe.

It would be the usual say a prayer of thanks at bedtime, send kind thoughts to others, and most importantly, check-in with your inside voice – what is it telling you? Where do you hear it? Your heart, your gut, your toes, your elbows? Every chance I get I would remind them that there is a sea of information to explore, through a quiet inner voice, through their feelings and all the ways each part of their bodies might be sending messages.

Coach Sam Green

The Yin and Yang of Transformational Coaching
by Sam Green

I believe the harmony between doing and being is central to a fulfilling life. Too much focus on doing and achieving can cause us to miss out on the beauty that is all around us. Too much focus on being and we may not satisfy our dreams and desires.

Coach Suja Vairavanathan

The Power of Words
by Suja Vairavanathan

I completed an exercise with my own life coach the other day that made me think about the words we use to describe how we are feeling.
Overwhelmed. Stuck. Stressed.
These words all have one thing in common.

Coach Massimo Roselli

Stop comparing yourself to others.
by Massimo Roselli

If you like me have been brought up in an environment where you were constantly compared to others. If you like me have suffered the consequences from this irrational comparison which has compromised your self-esteem.

Coach Melanie Josephine

5 Signs You Should Give Dating Advice A Break
by Melanie Josephine

I remember when I was miserable and single. I would read every relationship book on the market and then immediately try to implement the advice. Now that I am an award winning author myself I know that authors are also just people.

Coach Massimo Roselli

Always be learning.
by Massimo Roselli

I'm not lazy. I'm on power saving mode.

Did you know that laziness is built in our system and for a very good reason?

In our modern society we are constantly bombarded by unlimited information, which is why our brain needs to filter out what is not important to us so that it can focus on saving energy and allow us to be efficient.

Coach Rebekka Dale

Dying Alone in the Wilderness
by Rebekka Dale

First published 11 Jan 2021 on my blog here:

I spent a good half an hour earlier trying to record what should have been a really simple “quick tip” video for Instagram.

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis

Are you over-filtering your emotions?
by Phoebus Apostolidis

Emotions are one of our senses, although it doesn't belong to the 5 senses. We experience impressions from our emotions that help us understand ourselves and the world around us.

Ignoring and suppressing emotions doesn't help us in any way.

Coach Melanie Josephine

What is Blocking You From Being Lucky in Love?
by Melanie Josephine

When I first arrived in the UK after years of traveling, I thought to myself: “I am ready for love”. Yet it took me a whole five years from that moment in time that I finally found it.

In hindsight I can now clearly see that there were various blocks I needed to work through.

Coach Melanie Josephine

7 Positive Mindset Shifts to Help Improve Your Relationship
by Melanie Josephine

Particularly since lockdown people seem to talk about relationships more. Breakups and divorce rates have gone up, but the question remains: can we really blame it all on one virus?

It would be easy to do so, except the truth is that those relationships which didn´t last through lockdown, most likely had challenges before, only they weren´t as obvious.

Coach Suja Vairavanathan

Leaping Into The Unknown
by Suja Vairavanathan

So it’s March 2021, and this time will be written about in the history books. It’s the time that the entire world was put into some sort of lockdown, to try and save the human race.
I don’t just write this as someone who has been in a pandemic that cost so many lives – I write this as someone who lost her beloved dad to the virus.

Coach Tahir  Aslam

Goals and The Journey of Life
by Tahir Aslam

Every journey requires a destination. Ships require a port. Planes a landing terminal. We configure our Sat Navs and map applications before we head off towards a distant and unfamiliar place? But what about the direction of our lives?

Are we merely keeping our fingers crossed behind our proverbial backs, squeezing our figurative eyes shut, just hoping for the best! Perhaps it feels like you’re just drifting along, being carried by the currents of life, like debris floating along, direction unknown, place unbidden.

Coach Tahir  Aslam

Assess Your Thinking & Transform Your Career
by Tahir Aslam

‘A person is limited only by the thoughts he chooses.’ James Allen

Your thoughts determine your feelings, behaviours, and reality. Negative thoughts lead to a downward spiral into an abyss of self-sabotage, procrastination, frustration, and addiction.

Coach Tahir  Aslam

How to Use Your Furlough Experience for Job Searches
by Tahir Aslam

You might not leap over tall buildings or outrun a train. Sure, you're not a superhero. But, still, you are exceptional! Your ancestors-built civilizations constructed great monuments and started multi-million-dollar industries, who ploughed through the dark times and emerged stronger.

Coach Tahir  Aslam

The Difference Between a Great & Mediocre CV
by Tahir Aslam

Clearly, you understand the value of having a great CV. The kind of document that leaps out from the pile, that both stuns and delights the recruiter.

So, what exactly distinguishes a CV that looks great, from one that ends up on the rejection pile.

Coach Massimo Roselli

Stop beating yourself up during the pandemic.
by Massimo Roselli

My interest in the field of human motivation is one of the main foundations of my coaching. I find it rather fascinating, as it allows me to dig deeper into what drives each of us as we soon as we wake up in the morning, why we do the things we do, what’s behind all of it.

Coach Massimo Roselli

What's your sentence?
by Massimo Roselli

"Fulfillment is a right and not a privilege. Every single one of us is entitled to feel fulfilled by the work we do, to wake up feeling inspired, to have a sense that we contributed to something larger than ourselves" (Simon Sinek).

Coach Rebekka Dale

Stop Worrying about the Future, Worry about the Now.
by Rebekka Dale

Originally posted on my blog at:

Sometimes the reality of the situation is so much better than you thought it was going to be.