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Coach Ignas Genys

The 5 Stages of Progress
by Ignas Genys

Three and a half years as a PA in the spinal injuries segment having covered most of UK counties made me appreciate what it means to lose bodily functions and what practical and psychological effects it has on life.

Coach Ignas Genys

Finding Values And Needs
by Ignas Genys

Have you ever felt the load of important existential questions piling up at the back of your mind, when all of a sudden you find yourself stood in pause watching the answers one after another crop up in front of your eyes? I felt that way one day when I was staring at the wall with a bunch of posters at the ICF Lithuania Conference in Vilnius.

Coach Ignas Genys

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work
by Ignas Genys

Christmas is here and New Year is at hand’s reach. This may bring about thoughts on how to go through the coming year with some extra self awareness.

It seems a segment of our society have a habit to make new year’s resolutions at the end of every year.

Coach Ignas Genys

Inside Out – With A Little Help From Your Emotions
by Ignas Genys

I watched a cartoon the other day which surprisingly got me thinking, and even more so, wanting to write about it. The film was called “Inside Out”. It was about our emotions.

I am learning to be aware of my own emotions during my work in emotional support and the non-violent communication practices.

Coach Serene Martin

I Am You
by Serene Martin

So much of pain exists in this world because of the sense of separation we feel between us and everything else. This one was written to inspire us to feel connected .

I am the taste of coffee on your tongue and the glass which holds it against your lips
I am the rage of the storm and the calm of its eye
I am the blade of the knife and the energy with which it cuts
I am the wetness of raindrops and the burn of cigars
I am the green of the grass and the transparency of air
I am the curve of your smile and the depth of your remorse
I am your friend and the friend of your enemy
I am what I am and I am you.

Coach Serene Martin

Because We Can Change
by Serene Martin

This goes out to everyone I love. Because we can change….

When I stopped believing in luck, I was no longer a victim of circumstance

When I started looking for ways to celebrate each day no matter what happened, I was no longer trapped in my past memories

When I tried to transform the anger and fear I carried in my heart to acceptance and love, I began to breathe more easily

When I chose to eat clean, my body began to heal itself

When I followed my heart, making the right decisions came easily to me

When I accepted that everyone is on their own path no matter how much I may disagree with them, my own path lit up more clearly for me beneath my feet

When I gave up dwelling on things I could not change, more things started changing for me

When I chose to believe that all the right resources will show up for me when I needed them, they did

When I released the things that I no longer needed in life, I gained the experiences that I desired instead

When I believed with all my heart that the same force of life, which breathed life into me, was on my side, it empowered and protected me wherever I went.

Coach Serene Martin

Edge of the Cliff
by Serene Martin

There will come a time when we will need to step over the edge of the cliff of certainty

Where we feel we have extinguished all resources we have grown to rely upon in our spirits

We must believe one of two things will happen:

Angels we never knew we had will catch our fall

Or we will learn to fly

Coach Serene Martin

If you really love yourself, dream big.
by Serene Martin

"I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realised, than lord among those without dreams and desires."

-Kahlil Gibran-

Throughout my life I have certainly done things I have enjoyed doing most of the time (thank god for that).