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Marion Heil - Qualified Coach

Herbstein, Germany


Languages : English, German

Coaching Specialties

Relationship  Anxiety / Fear
Self-Love Procrastination
Turnarounds Decision Making

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsApp

Marion is offering 2 free sessions


Trained with : Proctor Gallagher Institute

Qualifications : Consultant / Transformational Coach


About Me

Life is meant to be GOOD.
Even better - Life is meant to be FUN.

Are you reading this, thinking:

“Is this a joke?
This woman’s coaching offer is obviously NOT for me! I don’t know about her, but I have PROBLEMS!”

I totally understand.
And still, see if you can step away from your urgent problems just for one moment, and ask yourself:

“Would I LIKE for my life to be fun?”

If your honest answer is: “Absolutely yes!”, then please read on.

Has there ever been a time when you have not experienced some sort of problem, obstacle, challenge, or difficulty in your life? My life is honestly full of those, and, one thing solved, the next problem is right around the corner.

Does that mean that my life can never be GOOD, GREAT, and FUN? No way! If that were the case, I’d be done. That would be it for me. Instead it’s quite the opposite!

This is what I do – I turn problems into adventures. I turn difficulties into something like a treasure hunt, or a game. That way – despite, or possibly BECAUSE of all my problems my life IS a lot of fun – most of the time ; ). Do I have gaps? Sure I do, but they are becoming shorter and shorter.

You may be saying: “Lovely that you can do that for yourself. But what about me. I am far from seeing the fun in my problems. I am overwhelmed. I am struggling. I hurt.”

Obviously, I cannot solve your problems.
What I CAN do, and do BEST, is to take you on a journey from having given away your power to circumstances, people, places, and things, to feeling CONFIDENT, and EAGER, and READY about finding a powerful solution to whatever the problem may be. And - this is the most important part – I make it FUN along the way.

This is how you and I do it:

- First, we check the beliefs you hold related to your problematic situation.
Enquiring into whether they indeed hold true is so FREEING!

Do you know what a geode is?

A geode is something wonderful. From the outside it looks like a regular rock, hard and crusty. But when you carefully break or saw it open, this rock turns out to be hosting a treasure, a beautiful cluster of sparkling crystals. People love them for the wonderful surprise and delight of finding something so beautiful inside something so unappealing. This is what you and I do – behind the old and non-useful beliefs you will discover greater, more current truths about you. You will look at life with fresh eyes.

- Now that you have become untethered from non-useful beliefs, this is what we do:
We open up a creative space in which you and I experiment with new ways of seeing what your responsibilities toward yourself, other people, places, and things in your life might be. You will be trying on NEW PERSPECTIVES like you might be trying on different pairs of shoes, seeing which ones truly fit you. This may very well be THE BEST PART of this game of you becoming the ‘YOU’ you want to be - and out of that fresh ‘YOU’, you will begin to naturally act in new and inspired ways. YOU change. Everything changes.

Can we accomplish all that within 2 free sessions?
Chances are that you will gain a much more empowered outlook from our time together. Coaching is a relationship though, and profound change is a process that does take some time.

No matter whether you are simply looking for 2 free sessions, or are open to a powerful, transformational coaching process, I am here, offering you my complete attentiveness and focus on who you want to BE, along with my wisdom, my creativity, my enthusiasm - and last but certainly not least, my sense of humor to accompany you on your way.

Do you find that growth happens best when you get out of your comfort zone AND have at least a certain amount of FUN in the process? Then you and I will be a very good match : ).
It has been my experience that when a good “Stretch” goes along with fun, this creates a fertile ground for deeply experienced change and growth, - a true personal transformation.

Does what I say resonate with you?
Send me a note.

Looking forward to connecting with you,


1. Developing a positive, optimistic, and creative mindset that LIFE IS GOOD, and doing everything to serve your personal growth, that life is an adventure - full of wonderful opportunities and things worth appreciating and enjoying.
Rediscovering the FUN in life, no matter what.

2. Developing a HEALTHY and FULFILLING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF - and, from that, (re-)building and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships with others, your spouse or partner, children, family, friends, boss or colleagues.

Letting go of overthinking, negative thinking, limiting beliefs, self-made pressure, and the anxiety and physical tension that often go along with the above.

by helping you examine specific situation in your life, taking the "obviously" negative, and turning that around - seeing the gift this situation really and truly is - only ALWAYS.


Reviews (6)

Working with Marion feels 'next level I went in with challenges expecting the usual questions to get to my results. [more]
The most transformational experience!

I love Mar [more]
My coaching experience with Marion has been transformational [more]

There are not enough words to describe how authentic, loving and caring, passionate and highly professional Marion Heil is [more]
Give yourself the gift of an hour with Marion Heil!
Marion is a deep dive coach who listens very carefully, very lovingly, way beyond the words I am using, and hears what my innermost being is so eager to say [more]
Peace and calm like the ocean, unlimited possibilities - it was what I have experienced every single coaching session [more]



Relationship, Healthy Relationships, Children, Boundaries, Healthy Boundaries, Self Responsibility, Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Confidence, Self Love, Self Forgiveness, Grief, Letting Go, Resilience, Perseverance, Clarity, Courage, Growth Mindset, Paradigm Shift, Meditation, Yoga.

Overthinking, Negative Thinking, Limiting Belief, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Feeling Stuck, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, not good enough, Blame, Resentment, Co-Dependency.

Purpose of Life, Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Transformation, Direction, Authenticity, Fulfillment, Identity, Values, Accountability, Empowerment, Positivity, Habits, Health, Decisions.

Communication, Listening, Awareness, Vibration, Energy, Awakening, Clarity, Strength, Inspiration, Support, Accountability, Productivity, Vision, Spirituality, Peace.

Byron Katie, Michael Singer, Abraham Hicks, Stephen R. Covey, Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Steve Hardison, Eckhard Tolle, Eileen Caddy, Earl Nightingale, Wallace Wattles, James Allen, Andrew Weil.

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