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It is a great site for trainee coaches to get in touch with clients. I have had several emails from individuals looking for a coach.

Lisa Partridge, Singapore

I must congratulate the founders of this site. This website is an excellent vehicle for sharing and gaining insight on how to enhance one’s life. An invaluable resource. Thank you.

Sara Solomon, UK

Just to thank you for this site. Within a short while of signing up I've already been contacted by people looking for coaching. I've also contacted other coaches on this site.

Oma Edoja, UK is a great resource for trainee coaches and prospective clients. I received several enquiries from new clients within a few days of registering.

Ruth Randall, UK

CoachMeFree has been a God sent! It has allowed me to gain experience in coaching with a variety of people from all over the world. Great service! Keep up the good work!

Joelle Amouroux-Huttner, England

Such a great website and service you have set up, I'm so glad I came across it.

Helen Jeffery, UK

CoachMeFree gave me the opportunity to apply my coaching skills during my coaching training. After I signed up I was approached by wonderful clients who wanted to improve their careers and lives. I recommend this website to all coaches who want to gain experience and put in practise their skills.

Dominika Miernik, England

CoachMeFree has given me the opportunity to meet some great people. We have learnt a lot together and having the chance to work with people who are as passionate about turning their dreams into plans is very special. Thank you!

Janet Greenwood, England

Coach Me Free is a great website that allows coaches and coachees to find each other for mutual benefit. I have recommended friends to look for coaches here and I have been found by great coachees who have given themselves wholeheartedly to the process. I am very grateful for this website. Keep up the good work!

Maria Barletta, England

I love! It has offered me a chance to practise and develop my skills with people looking for coaching.

Samantha Howard, Australia

Hi, I am one of the coaches in training that has benefited from this great website. I found some great clients. Thank you for the website, it is fantastic.

Laila Rossatti Galan, UK

I recently found out how easy it is to work with CoachMeFree, right from registration to creating a profile. A fellow trainee recommended CoachMeFree, said she had gained a great deal; so here I am. Not only did I receive an almost immediate response (a testimonial), there followed emails with further possibilities.

Talat Bryant, England

I just wanted to thank you. Signing up to was the best decision I made in developing my coaching skills. I have picked up 5 clients so far from Berlin, Barcelona, Manchester, Chicago and Australia. I would recommend to any coach in training.

Dave Jarrold, UK

I'd like to say how useful your website has been. I have had the benefit of coaching a few clients for practice which has been great.

Pradip Mistry, UK has been essential for my growth as a coach and continues to be a great source of potential clients. Thank you so much for being there at the most crucial stage in a coach’s life!

Matteo Trevisan, UK has been instrumental in my achieving my certification. Within days of signing up I got my first client. And the people who contacted me through were very nice and interesting people!

Charlotta Baath, Germany

Coach Me Free has been an incredible resource not only by offering a platform for new coaches to improve their skills, but by helping to kickstart their own coaching practices. Any queries and questions have been met with helpful, prompt and kind customer support from a team who seem to really care about their community. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Chloe Garland, UK

I would heartily recommend - a friendly, effective and efficient service to coaches and clients!

Louise Langhorn, UK is wonderful, thank you for doing this site and help us help others. Already recommended to others, thank you.

Mel Thompson, USA provides a platform that enables people who genuinely want coaching or who are open to try coaching to meet coaches at different junctions of their coaching career. For me it has been very helpful and educational.

Joshita Lutchoomun, UK

I was contacted by a potential client two days after I joined A few days later we had a sample session and agreed to carry on. Thanks.

Paul Todd, UK has been really useful to me. Within days of setting up my profile I had a number of enquiries regarding coaching.

Christine Hughes, UK enables Coaches and Coachees to connect in an authentic and friendly way! Finding the right coach/client facilitates greater success! Thank you for a great service.

Sobia Iqbal, UK

I loved this site, it provided me the opportunity to coach people through time when I was a trainee coach and build my skills and confidence. Thank you for your efforts.

Arzu Durukan, Turkey

I have had great success as a coach on CoachMeFree. I have been able to develop my skills and build my practice whilst working with some great people to develop their vision and purpose.

Diana Rollanson-Williams, England is a great idea - having one central place where potential clients can search for a coach can make the process so much easier. As a trainee coach looking for practice clients I was approached by a few people who saw my profile on the website. Well done for coming up with the idea!

Cheryl King, UK

Thank you for having such a wonderful platform. My experience has been outstanding. I have had eight new clients via your site so far and I've been able to convert three of them to paying clients.

Maiko Rogers, USA has provided me the opportunity to help several clients and meet some wonderful people. This is a great service to connect you with clients that really want and need your help!

Shari Yantes, USA

CoachMeFree is a tool every new coach needs!

Thank you so much! It's a unique experience to meet so many different people with such a variety of coaching requests and be able to be of help through this amazing website.

I have been able to build up additional 50 coaching hours within a month of subscribing to this service.

Absolutely invaluable and highly recommended to every new coach out there to have a real life coaching exposure

Dana Johnson, England

CoachMeFree has given me the opportunity to connect with clients worldwide during my training and now as a Certified Professional Coach. I have been fortunate in working with motivated individuals and watching them overcome obstacles, changing their perceptions and taking the steps necessary to reach their goals. I highly recommend CoachMeFree to anyone committed to creating a more fulfilling life by working with professional Life Coaches as well as Life Coaches who need to sharpen their skills and experience the opportunity to work with diverse individuals from all over the world. What could be better?

Belle Riskin, USA