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Why Does Self-Investment Fall to the Bottom of Our Priority Lists? (And Why It Shouldn't!)

Coach Suniya Iqbal by Suniya Iqbal
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Raise your hand if this sounds familiar - you finally decide to buy those shoes you've been eyeing for months or upgrade your phone to the latest model, but when it comes to things like personal development courses, books, or hesitate.

It's a common phenomenon - we're quick to drop money on material goods or nights out yet investing in our own growth and wellbeing often falls to the bottom of financial priority lists. But why?

Often, it's because the ROI feels less concrete. When we buy a gadget, we instantly hold that shiny new purchase in our hands. But things like coaching provide less tangible rewards - improved skills, better behaviours, more fulfilment, heightened wellbeing. The outcomes are powerful, but not physical products we can show our friends. But I promise you, you WILL notice a difference in someone who regularly invests in themselves - from the way they talk, carry themselves, and glow with confidence. The growth shines through in impactful ways!

It can also feel selfish. We've been socially conditioned to think that spending money and time on ourselves is indulgent, when we "should" be handling responsibilities, catering to others, and generally being selfless instead.

But the truth is, the MOST responsible thing you can do is invest in your own growth. Just like your car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly long-term, you need maintenance too.

When you continually feed your mind, emotional intelligence, and spiritual alignment? Everything gets an upgrade. Your relationships, your productivity, your impact on the world. By refusing to make YOU a priority in your own life, you limit giving yourself and others the best version of you.

So how can you start prioritising self-investment? Make it non-negotiable. Set aside a portion of your income specifically for growth - then use it! If scheduling or decision paralysis overwhelms you, work with a coach.

CreativeLC makes creating positive change simple. We guide you each step, keep you accountable, and provide personalised plans for identifying and reaching your goals. Consider me your personal investment manager for your inner world!

Don't leave yourself at the bottom of todo lists and budgets anymore. YOU deserve to take up space in your own life. Get the rewards you seek, gain clarity about next right steps, and become who you wish to be. The world needs your gift!

Let's talk about how we can invest in you.

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