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Jorge Lara

Úbeda, Spain


Languages : English, Spanish

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About Me

I think of my way of coaching as where the mind and the soul meet. There is no healing in you, just working in the mind; So I've spend the last 6 years of my life clarifying and creating the bridge between the mind (limiting believes, projection, complex system we create in our brain to be able to performance in an safe and loving way in this life) and the self (deeper level of our existence, put it extremely simple (and incomplete words): the one who witness and hold space for living.
This is a very special way of accessing to your power, to your real self. We will be working on you to find out and clarify your limitations, and from there, to feel into it, to see the reality of them, and to reestablish a more aligned and benefitial mind structure. Bringing you to your body and to the present moment will give you a great opportunity to live a happier, easier and more fulfil life.
I see myself ready to assist others in this discovery, using my experience and knowledge that I have harvested in my life and during a great great course on coaching. So feel more than welcome to contact me and book either a session, or just a discovery one (where we can talk and clarify anything you want to know about me or my coaching)
Looking forward to hearing from you


Creating a safe space, deep listening, and powerful questions. Working from the heart, no expectations.

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Jorge has been helping me for already 4 months and what a journey it has been [more]


Listening, goal, love, compassion, inner, true self, acceptance