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Jorge Lara

Úbeda, Spain


Languages : English, Spanish

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Jorge is offering 2 free sessions


About Me

Check out my website on progress for more info ;) (you need to copy and paste the link)

Why would you contact me?
I'm here to share, contribute, connect, give meaning and support, to you. My strongest intention in life is personal growth and my passion, to share it.
So, in order to be a certified coach, and to deep into my coaching, I offer 2 sessions for free ;) which is quite of a good deal, I think. After that if you want to continue with me, we would check how much it would be.

Are you looking for healing or for changing how you are feeling?
There are many great coaches to help you to find a new way where you don't need to face your difficulties and you can have an easier life. I could be one of them; but I'm not here for that. I'm here to walk, explore and embrace what is that bring those feelings to knock on your door. I love to see what's behind the courtain and then slowly and soflty take care of it, by listening, giving space and allowing it here.

This is a heart to heart relating; we will see, honour and care about your story, but this won't be the main aspect of the coaching. After the story there is a movement, which turn your attention innward, where all this comes from. There, it's where the real transformation lies, and there, it's where we want to rest and heal.

Recently I finished my training on Zen Coaching, after 20 days (in 4 modules) of full immersion into what is been the biggest life transformation, hand by hand with meditation; I accomplish a beautiful chapter of my life. Also started the advanced training on Zen Coaching, by assisting a 7 days intense and deep work in Sweden. Feel free to check out the Web site and be curious about Zen Coaching and about taking part of it. Please contact me also if you want to know more about it, or myself.
The other main aspect as I mention, it's been meditation; after 5 years of practice, retreats and slow life, I found that, as the best friend of doing coaching, creating a raw space where to "work" relax, and safe on personal issues.

I feel myself available and happy to support you from the heart,

Please contact me through or


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Jorge has been helping me for already 4 months and what a journey it has been [more]


Meaning, love, compassion, inner self, true self, acceptance, inner critic, mind, feeling, emotion.