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Personality = from latin, persona; theatrical mask that was used to give different roles or identities to the characters

Coach Jorge Lara by Jorge Lara
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My name is Jorge, but that name got many personalities; I find Jorge who has to talk in public, Jorge who has to socialize, Jorge who has to talk to his boss, Jorge who is alone in the mountains, Jorge when is meditating, and so on, and so on.
Can you find yourself in any different personalities?
I see how my body sensations, emotions, thoughts and so on change depending on which personality I´m taking. At the same time, I can see how through the time, this personalities in each field, also had changed; what makes everything to seem very unstable, impermanent.
So, step back, and look the whole picture, please give you a couple of minutes to feel into it. Are you any of those personalities? is there anything that remains in all of them? How do you feel after seeing all this?

Fairly we use personalities, as a way of shaping others people into our understanding from the mind. We want to see what we have in commun, how much fun we can have together, if the other person is good to get along and run a business, etc.... Certainly, personalities are useful and important to have on mind.
But we are not those; we have the capability to change them, to look inward and find the reasons of why we act in this or that way. Personalities are like masks we wear to fit better in different situations, but we are the one who is holding it, who is behind.

There is some silence, some peace, and quietness behind. By knowing your masks and how they have been made, you start to access to a deeper place, where there is joy, meaning and peace by itself, whitout need of anything to happen out there.

I highly ecourage you to give a try, to look behind the curtains , to get to know bette urself and to live a happier life.


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