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Comfort Zone

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Come out of your Comfort Zone

Many Days during your whole Life you are reapeating the same Habits and Behaviours again and again. At the End of the Day you are receiving the same Results and you dont feel very satisfied. Some People are doing the same Things over and over again because they are feeling comfortable and relaxed about their personal Way of doing and taking Action. Some People are consistently and always chellenging themselves to just do uncomfortable Behaviours and Actions to grow and develop as a Person.
-After some Experiments and new Experiences you are able to notice and to detect that you are feeling already much better about your new Behaviour. A Change can happen over a Period of Time and your whole Body will integrate the new Pattern and will like to build a better Relationship with your new Habit. You will feel a Release annd Relief as soon as you are getting used to your new Behaviour. Many Days you wont think so many Thoughts about the New Pathway anymore, you are just doing it. And you will find Solutions and Options during your Daily Life to implement the new Action.
-Doing and making unknown Actions mostly is feeling a little bit uncomfortable. You are not knowing what you are doing and you are feeling this inside your whole Body. The Idea and the Mind is telling you that it will be an uncomfortable Feeling and your Mind is producing alot of Pictures how you are doing the Behaviour and not feeling good. You can also remeber alot of Situations and Places where you already doing new Things and it is feeling now totally great. Maybe in the Beginning it is a little bit a Feeling of Scarcity and Respect although after some Days and Weeks it is getting easier and you are used to the new Feeling of doing it. Its great to see how we as Humans are Learning Monsters and we love and like to learn alot. And always remeber how many diffrent and amazing Things you were already learning during all these Years of Exploration and Experimentation in your Life.
-Its like a young Child who is learning to walk or learning to speak. Its alot of Repetition and looking at Details how to figure out how this new Behaviour is working. You can allow yourself to train as much as possible and maybe you begin to like it sooner or later. Because the new Behaviour is giving you alot of Advantages and Benefits so you like your Life and Routines much more. And its great to look back after some Years of learning a New Skill and gaining so much more Competence and becoming a Leader and a better Personality as a Result of doing new Things. People who are doing alot of Sport and learning alot are feeling more Happyness and more Purpose in their Lives compared to People who are not knowing and dedicating their Time to something meaningful and purposeful.
-Whenever you are trying something, it will take a little bit of Time and some Trial and Errors to create the Feeling for the Situation. After some Time you can alreay notice a Difference and Change in the Outcome and Result. You will discover that now after taking the First Steps you are not only starting moving into the Direction you want to go and step, you will also be able to compare yourself with the Beginning and the Start. And maybe some People around you realize that you are changing and growing they like to see it and some of them will not like it seeing you becoming better in something. They wil try to manipulate you in a negativ Way and saying and framing Situations to make you feel bad. Just train yourself to answer with an great and happy inner Smile and continue as soon as possible with your personal Growth and Transformation.
-People who are going out of their Comfort Zone should start to feel like a Winner and as a Consequnce and Side Effect of that starting to act with much more Confidence and Trust in themselves. Look and compare yourself with your First Steps. Can you see how much you until now already developed and how much Pain you suffered to do all of this in your own Way. Winners and Champions finding with their Creativity and Persistence alot of good and efficient Ways to never Stop again and continue to build a Bridge from the Present State to the Desired State. You will reach their sooner or later when you begin to celebrate small Steps during your Journey.

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