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Aspirational Identity

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Aspirational Identity

-So many People are not living a Life with Purpose and Intention. Its clear that they are having not good developed Roots and hence they are feeling very instable and uncomfortable. I can remeber when i started to give my Life a new and much better Direction it was fascinating to see how quickly alot of good Things can happen. When you are still thinking what is really important and valueable to you in your Life when maybe you can feel and look a little bit deeper.
-Standing up every Day and knowing what is important to you and following your personal Call is an amazing and powerful Feeling. You are living a Life with alot of Freedom and Love because you are doing what you are loving. Imagine for a Moment how a perfect Day , an Ideal Day for you would be looking like. What would be the First Thing you would be doing?And what after that?Structure your Day around what is valuable for you. You will be feeling much more confident and you will be going through less Conflicts and Crisis because you are deciding every Day to live like it could be your last one.
-The more you are taking Action with the Things and Values that are important to you the more you will becoming this kind of Person and Identity. Ask yourself for a Moment, what kind of Person is doing every Day what is important to him?What kind of Person is following his Passion and is working towards his Dreams and Aspirations?Focus leads to Determination and sooner or later to Dominance. Plan and organize your Life as soon as possible with Actions that are worthwile for you and not for others. Feeling great about coming closer to where you want to go. Maybe you are having since a long Time the Goal to train your Body or travelling more around the World. You see you have to take controlled and focussed Action to move towards it. Yes later. Not later. Start today.
-Small Steps consistenly over a long Period of Time are leading you surely and gradually towards your Goals and Dreams. Its so important to create a daily Habit. It doesnt have to be 5 Hours every Day, it is also enough to learn 10 new Vocabulary every Day. That are 300 new Words in a Month and 3600 new Words in a Year. The same is true for work out. 30 Minutes of doing some Sport like Running or Weight Lifting will make a Huge Diffrence after some Months of Training and with the Power of the Habit it becomes again a Self Full Filling Prophecy and you are living an Aspirational Identity.
-Realize how great it is Feeling to working a very long Time on something that is so important and meaningful to you. You will be Feeling so great and accomplished after doing some Time all that Things that you always wanted to do. Look how manyYears you are only talking about it and now you are going out. You are going out of your Comfort Zone and breaking through long Term Procastination. You are feeling so amazing because you are tranforming your whole Life and becoming a much Better Person. A Person with Drive, Inpsiration and Dedication. So many People would like to be in your Shoes and only would like to test Run one Mile with your Determination, Motivation and Aspiration.
-You will notice how much you will begin to inspire People automatically to live a more happy and better Life. You will be like a Huge Lighting in the sky and People around you will feel your strong and powerful Energy. When you are talking with others you will be expressing that Determination and Success and your whole Body Language will be changing to something else. You will create alot more Possibilities in your Life and all your Relationships will enhance and becoming better. You will have much more Intuition and you will attract more Love, Truth and Passion inside your Life. People love People who are living a passionate Life and showing and expressing that into the World.
-Decide to focus your Energy to be that Person that you want to be.Being an Aspirational Identity. Living a Life with alot of Motivation, Goals, Confidence and Freedom. Do not wait any longer and saying yourself that your Dreams can wait. So many People are waiting for the Perfect Day or Emotion to change. Do it now!

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