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Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Some Days you are waking up and you are not feeling with your very best Energy- you are maybe only Sitting there and you dont know how to start again this Day. Thousand of Thoughts are Running through your Head and you still have this one Goal, it feels like your Purpose. You begin to think clear and you are sitting here and you are studying and learning again. After the first Step you feel and receive a great Energy, you are feeling so active and good about this Decision. What is running through your mind when you make a Decision?You ask yourself Questions if you are not having these Higher Purpose to achieve. You need this Focus to remember to continue even if its not feeling good to learn or to say these uncomfortbale Things. Begin to feel compotent and comfortable with the Unknown.Feel great about each Step on your Way and see how greatly all this Steps are influencing your Way. Its sometimes like waiting for the right Moment , you compare yourself with the Perfect Car, the Perfect Body, the Perfect Word...only to discover and to realize there is no Perfection. There is only practice and practice and learning and growing to the Point where you can Find out for yourself who you would like to be. Maybe a Talking Machine , just like always knowing what to say, feeling easy in any Conversation....only Playing with Words and feeling so great and comfortable about all New Successes and Developments- you are looking so deep in your New Reality, everything will change and is so colorful. You are walking so relaxed and so easy your Path and sometimes you are looking back to realize how far you already come to this Point here. Always look to compare yourself with yourself, look and feel how many Challenges you were overcoming so easy. And this one now you will again over jumping and beyond you will notice again a Victory. You love to speak out loud your Confidence they all can hear you, they all would love to sound like you. Clear Voice, like a wonderful Song. Tasting delicious like a Pizza or an very sweet Ice Cream. Now is your Time in Life to feel like a Winner and act like a strong Hero. You can totally see how all your great Actions have a huge Impact on your Relationships and your Life will never be the same again. You are feeling great inside and you can see that great Feelings all around you. She is smiling very friendly at you and he is telling you great Comnplimets. You can listen to your Success and Development and it is clear to see for everybody around you. You first believe and you are going first with that wonderful and inspiring Feeling. You are seeing the Effort pays back and you soon will notice even greater Results because you continue to feel like a beautiful Flower. You are knowing that all the next small Steps will move you very close to your Dream and People like you are dreaming Big. Its like you are building your own House with a Huge Foundation and you build so high there is no Limit here. They are talking about you and they can see your Progress. Its so clear to see your Vision inside that you can almost touch it now. Above every Dream you can see a Great Way that is already opening for you. And nothing can come between your Dream and your Goal , just continue to walk step by step. You can easily smell the Words of People and you realize that your Engine has close to no Limits because your Eyes are like Fire, are like a Phoenix who is showing up to take his Place. You are feeling that Assertiveness and this Confidence in every Way possible and you are speaking with this Pride of Accomplishment. Its like riding a Horse so adventorous and so completely Happy. Its inside you all the Time and no matter where you are going you can notice the Changes in People immediately. You can feel that you not want to stop walking your Talk. You are here to take Part and sooner or later more People like him or her will totally notice and see the Truth is coming out only here. You are feeling totally the Motivation to move Huge Stones and build very High Buildings with all your Power like Skyscrappers. Here and every Moment you can change totally your Life. You live your Life with many great Feelings like Freedom and so many People would love and like to be free like this. Today is a great Day to start to believe that you are a Person that is saying the Difference, feeling different and seeing the tiny Differences. Here and now is the perfect unperfect Day to speak out your Truth and make every Conversation like Feeling Home. I know you are wodering what it means and i wonder if you realized that its already happening now.

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