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Action is the mother of progress

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis by Phoebus Apostolidis
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How many times do you find yourself being stuck, hesitant and indecisive?

What would you say is causing that for you? Maybe you know, maybe you don't. Questions create queries that help us search the answers from within.

The thing is that we can talk a lot about the stuff that gets in the way. The stuff that stops us from taking action. We rarely talk about the things that push us to take action. We look for ways to be more productive and for ways to stop procrastinating.

In our effort to educate ourselves and improve we somehow forget to do the one thing that we need to do. That is to start. To act, to move on!

Progress is built on action and every step is movement towards an outcome, a goal if you like. There are times that the direction we go towards might be wrong but the only way to know that sometimes is to go that way.

I have often felt in my life that I am not on my path. I once read or heard someone say: "The only way to know you are on path is to go astray"

The only way to move towards where you want is life is by taking action. Then repeat that over and over again so that you can create consistency. You don't have to do today what you will do in the next 30 days but you can build everyday for that day.

Showing up, taking action and of course making mistakes while you are conducting your experiments towards your fulfillment.

Don't let the sirens of fear and doubt get to you. Focus on the things that are important to you and you want to do. Act on them despite those voices in your head. Unless, those voices in your head are helping you out.

Do you still find it tough to start? Reach out to me and I will happily help you move out of your own way.


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