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Leaping Into The Unknown

Coach Suja Vairavanathan by Suja Vairavanathan
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So it’s March 2021, and this time will be written about in the history books. It’s the time that the entire world was put into some sort of lockdown, to try and save the human race.
I don’t just write this as someone who has been in a pandemic that cost so many lives – I write this as someone who lost her beloved dad to the virus. The dad who is my hero. The one who I could count on to give me the kind of love that only a father can give his daughter. The one who was fine one evening, and then not there a few hours later. The one whose death I won’t ever get over.
As always, when big things happen in people’s lives, people tend to do a lot of reflection. I was no different. I decided that I needed to change my life. I needed to stop working so hard for other people – people who would no doubt more quickly write an advert for my role, than write something nice in my obituary. I decided I needed to start actually LIVING. Not waiting for summer, not waiting for retirement, not waiting for death. And my quest for change began.
I finally changed. I took the leap that I needed to take. I decided that whilst I was scared of the unknown, I was more scared of what I did know, and I was done being scared. That thing about being certain of three things in life ‘birth, death and taxes’ reigned true for me. So if nothing else was certain, surely a leap into the unknown could reap many benefits for me? Sure, it could end in disaster, but one of my biggest fears had already been realised… what more did I have to lose?
I made new goals. Goals, which only I had total control over. Goals, which no one else could tell me weren’t good enough, or which people thought they had a say in.
And then I found others also wanted to make new goals but did not know how to do so.
And that’s how Straight Talk With Suja came about. As I was thinking about how I can best support people, I found that a certain type of person found me themselves. People who were stuck in their way of life, and wanting a change. People who wanted clear guidance on how to set goals for themselves, and wanted to be able to break down their big goals into smaller, more achievable ones. My friends started coming to me for support with goal setting and goal smashing, and then they made me realise that I can support others in the same way.
I honestly don’t know if this new venture will work or not. One thing I am sure of though; if I don’t know I won’t try. And my dad never taught me to be afraid of trying.

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