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Life, Relationships, Career ... some things just can't be rushed!

Coach Leonie Morris by Leonie Morris
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Some things just can't be rushed

There is a saying that pertains to the planting cycle of a new garden: The first year the plants sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap.

The daffodils in my orchard are now a blaze of glory ... but bulbs really don't start off that way. As the saying goes ... it's year 3 before you see them leaping.

Reflecting on my career recently, all 30 years of it! I am starting to see a similar pattern. Who knew that an early start as a criminal profiler with Scotland Yard would then morph through a series of analyst and marketing roles, sleeping, to personnel roles and corporate affairs; creeping; and finally on to being a life coach; LEAPING!

I didn't plan my career, I followed my instinct, I experimented, I wasn't always right and that was ok. Finally I can join the dots, and see how all my years of experience, years as an expat, years learning corporate skills, leading teams, years experiencing life at first hand and my foundation as a Psychologist all make perfect sense. I am perfectly poised to 'leap'!

It took me longer than some to figure out my passion. I no longer 'work', it's a wonderful gift for me to open others' eyes to a life with more joy, calm and flow. I am leaping in a virtuous circle of giving, learning and receiving. Wonderful

Some questions to ponder and reflect on you journey towards LEAPING!

Where are you in the sleeping, creeping and leaping cycle?
What feelings arise about where you are?
What would it feel like to be leaping?
What could it look like?
What fresh thoughts are springing from your reflection?
Any shifts and insights?
A direction, a next step?

And in case you worry you have wasted time. Time you enjoyed wasting ... is not wasted!

Good luck with your reflections. If you'd like to leap, schedule a discovery call.

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