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The Moment of Realization

Sometimes you are working alot om your Dream and you are investing alot of Energy and Emotions into the Change. And you are waking up in the Morning and you are doing it again. You are learning and studying again. You are feeling alot of Motivation and Dedication and you are noticing here and there some Progress and Process. The Time passes by and at some Point you are still doing your Power Habits and now there is this big Moment happening where a Person is saying to you that there is something different about you, that you really changed alot and getting so good in what you are doing.
-Its an amazing Feeling to get the Feedback from other People that you are really making a good Progress and you develop alot closer to the Destination and Direction you want to head on. It is a great Feeling to realize that sooner or later all the Work is paying off and that is given you even more Motivation to dedicate your Heart and your Time into mastering this Craft. And the Doubts and Concerns are getting smaller and fading slowly far away in the Distance. You are knowing now that you are absolutely moving and walking towards your desired Outcome.
-Sometimes it can takes Months to see the huge and strong Impact on your learning. With that Knowledge and Wisdom in the Background it is nice to focus the Awareness on the Learning and on the Effort and realize that you are already doing Progress. And when you are getting better it will make even more Fun to continue to learn and to study. You are feeling that all the small Steps and all the short Periods of Time where you are showing up and practice your Skills are tranforming into a great Development,
-When a Person is reaching a Level of Skills and Competence it is easy to apply that Skillset to many others Areas in the Life. The Mastery is spreading and extending to many other Places. It is a great Feeling to know that you will use that Skill all Year long to even expand your Experiences. And there is a Boundary after jumping over that everything will be so much more easy and you like to celebrate the Wins and the Progress even more. It is great about Life that the work is always paying off and that it is so enjoyable to come closer and closer to that Moment and Point by every Investment and every Practice Session. Life is pretty fair when it is coming to Dedication and Learning.
-When People are putting to the Side for one Moment all their Complaints and Thoughts about not having enough Time or Money so they could immediately see and realize that only around 30 Minutes per Day will make a big Diffrence after 1 Year repeating the same Habit again and again. All Concerns and Doubts can be easily tranformed into a useful Perspective sooner or later. We are all living in most Countries in a great Time with alot of Freedom and Possibilities attached to the Culture. You can decide to invest in your Life and Dreams anytime you want. And when you start to compare yourself with yourself all the unncessary Comparisson with other People around you will become smaller and smaller until it disappears automatically.
-It is easy to have Motivation in Life when you are noticing that everything in Life is moving and changing, so its a good Choice to move with the Movement with Effort and Dedication. Time will move on no matter what so its up to you how you use your Time and Days. Maybe in some Years you are older and what is important to you to learn. How would you like to see yourself and isnt it a great Feeling that you can gain alot of Respect and good Social Feedback throught all the Training and Learning throughou all this Years. People are saying that they will not be a World Champion so why starting?Well, there are alot of diffrent Levels and Niveaus behind a World Champion that is still very affordabel and valuebale. Its easy to find Reasons to do something or not to do something.
-It is also great to see People around you growing and chaging old Habits and Behaviours. Great to see how much more Freedom and Love People can feel when working out of negativ Thought Patterns or old Habits that are leading only to nowhere. This Realisation can make a big Diffrence in your Thinking and Feeling and you will perceive the World around you from a new Perspective.

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