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A story about mini adventures

Coach Susan Thomson by Susan Thomson
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Here is a true story in a series, aimed to help you defrazzle. That is get rid of that frazzled feeling experienced by many of us in today’s hectic world.
When I was a wee girl I used to watch a children’s animation called Mr Benn on television.

Mr Benn, a gentleman in a suit and bowler hat, lives at 52 Festive Street, London.

In the first episode, going in search of a fancy dress outfit for a party, he visits a shop where ‘as if by magic, the shopkeeper appears’.

The format of each story follows a predictable pattern:

Mr. Benn is encouraged to try on a fancy dress outfit, he goes through a door at the back of the changing room, and finds a mini adventure in another place related to the clothes he is wearing.

He becomes a cowboy, zoo keeper, astronaut, clown and pirate.

Unfortunately, in real life magic changing rooms don’t exist.??

However, I wonder if we can learn something from Mr. Benn to enhance our lives?

I believe it is often possible to plan for ‘mini adventures’, without having to wear any special Mr. Benn costumes!

For me this might be:

A walk in the local woods with the dogs

Paddling in the sea

A visit to an art exhibition I have been looking forward to

Walking a different route in a city to be stimulated by seeing new things.

Have you any mini adventures planned? ????

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