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Beliefs can change

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Believe in yourself

Its sad to see when people are not beginning and starting to follow their dreams. Sometimes there is somewhere in the back of their mind a small little programm running, that is telling them, they can not achieve this thing. And other people are having more the right to persue something and for me it will never happen. Look at him he is so much more talented and she is doing this so many years now. How can i dare to begin to make something different. And i will never learn to talk to beautiful woman and i can not loose weight and i can not begin to create a business. People are telling themselves their beliefes with a very rough and loud voice, so its clear how strongly this effects the person and causes them not to start. And people feel more safe to what they get used to and what they are doing every day. And you are right, to tell yourself you cant is right and tell yourself you can is as well right. Depends at what perspective you re looking at it, maybe you look from above at it and maybe you can see what you could already now doing , that is positiv.
A belief is sometimes programmed deep into the unconscious mind and in many cases there was happening something before. A person is experiencing a situation with a lot of emotion attached to it and when the person is feeling like this, its expanded into many contexts in their personal lifes. When childs are not getting the right amount of attention, getting bullied in school or suffering deep inside from a traumatic experience (divorce of the parents , death, life threaten, emotional abuse etc) a dysfuctional belief is programmed in the unconscious mind. And this belief is getting triggered again and again. And it can start by a picure, with af eeling in a specific situation (like the voice of the mother, a voice of a collegue) or from a special sound in the environemt (like a door is closing, cars in ther background, an airplane). There are millions of things that are happening in our environmet and triggers are all around us. So it is very helpful to identify your personal triggers. Really get to know what its like when you are experiencing this feeling or situation. And change inside how you relate to this trigger. You are much more than this reaction now, you are able to learn and cope much better and powerful with this situation. Once you learned how to do this, your life will change and people around you will notice. Change the meaning of situations and your life can change. When your boss is not talking friendly , maybe he has some issues in his life, he is jealous about you, dont like his body. You see there are many meanings you can attach to a situation and like this immediately the feelings are changing and you are changing the context. And with that meaning you can find a better approach to deal and handle with this person.
Mostly when you change your emotions when a trigger occurs,you are acting different. Because of this, it is very important to look in your life for situations where you feel confident, curios, powerful, in control, with love etc. There existing many positiv states and you can learn to feel this emotions and apply them to contexts and situation where you are not feeling so good. For example you are talking to your friends and you feel good and amazing. The conversation is flowing and with ease and comfort you are talking about many different topics. You are not thining what to say next, you are feeling not nervous, you feel calm and you are enjoying the moment. And this feeling is a positiv one and when you feel like this how is a conversation with a stranger different. How do you relate with other emotions to a conversation like this?And when you are doing you create a new experience with a better feeling. And like this you are creating a new belief that can help you the rest of your life. You like a conversation with a stranger much more like this , dont you?
How much would you love to change many other beliefes as well?How much more freeedom could you have and enjoy in your life, when approach a uncomfortable situation like this?Make it a habit in your life and look for positiv emotions. Where are you feeling great?What has to happen inside that you feel empowered?How can you accomplish to feel empowered in more and more situations?You can learn to create positiv states inside, because if you look you are knowing how to do this. Look how a situation looks like ,what differences do you notice in your environment when you feel great.Make it a practice to become better in this, until it becomes second nature and you are learning it unconciously. I takes some time, although the benefits are so strong and powerful that you really enjoying to change belief after belief.

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