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Coach Massimo Roselli
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Massimo Roselli - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Italian

Coaching Specialties

motivation  career
mindset purpose

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsApp

Massimo is offering 1 free session


Trained with : Animas Coaching

Qualifications : Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching


About Me

I am a Corporate Recruiter and a Career Transformation Coach. I help you own your career and make an impact while manifesting your purpose.

I'm a firm believer that everyone can make a real contribution to the company they work for and meet important objectives in their career while living their purpose.


My coaching will help you clarify purpose and direction, challenge limiting beliefs and self-talk, help bring about deep lasting change, and encourage you towards the successful resolution of your current challenge.

You will embark on a reflection, discovery, and self-awareness journey combined with action, motivation, and goal orientation. You will have the opportunity to discover your calling, strengths, values, and desired contribution. Your job will reflect who you are, and you will be more fulfilled and successful.

Coaching Packages

Single/First Session via Zoom (free of charge): 1-hour coaching session to gain one-off career advice or decide if coaching is for you.

- Are you facing a career challenge?

- Do you need quick career advice in a particular area?

This session can help you.

Career Navigator (£1000): 6-hour coaching and counseling sessions.

- Do you need help defining your goals, acknowledging your strengths, identifying your passions, and highlighting your skills?

- Are you a job seeker and need help with understanding your career goals and your ideal role and defining a successful job strategy?

This coaching and counseling program is for you.

Career Transformation (£3000): 10-hour coaching/counseling sessions and support via email, text message, or over the phone

- Do you feel stuck in your career?

- Maybe you've achieved the salary and title you always wanted, but something is still missing. Perhaps you're in a career where you know you can offer more, but procrastination and a negative mindset hold you back from manifesting your potential?

This program will help you reinvent your career and find meaningful, purposeful work.

CV and LinkedIn (£200): 3-hour coaching and counseling sessions

- Do you need help with rewriting your CV and making it more impactful?

- Do you want to stand out from the crowd and optimise your LinkedIn profile?

We will discuss your current situation, your career goals and determine the best way to communicate your value to an employer.


career, career change, career development, motivation, procrastination, mindset