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How to change negative thought patterns.

Coach Massimo Roselli by Massimo Roselli
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Something I've learnt particularly over the past few weeks of our lockdown here in London is how powerful our mind is and how everything we experience is based on where our mind is. We know and see so little about the world around us - and ourselves - because all is truly connected to the lens through which we live our lives.

Our experiences shape our beliefs and our beliefs shape our experiences, convincing us that it's true what we see, what we feel, what we think, when in fact it's only a small part of the bigger picture. Often we get stuck in our own negative thought patterns which lead us to confirm what we believe and limit our potential. Our brain does a very good job, helping us find any sort of evidence to reinforce our beliefs. Our brain's objective is our survival, not our happiness, therefore its function is to protect us.

Something that helps me is finding ways to learn, grow and share: it could be a spiritual wisdom, reading a book, listening to a podcast, doing an online course to upskill myself. In this way I choose learning and growth which empower me to fill with my mind with more positivity, leaving less space for negative things. I choose to have a building mindset rather than a destructive one.

Ask these questions next time you catch yourself in a loop of negative thoughts:

- What is this thought trying to protect me from?
- Is what I'm thinking true? Where is the evidence? Is it universally true?
- How can I turn this thought into something that makes me become a builder and not a destroyer?

Always remember you are not your negative thoughts. Always remember there's a force of negativity deep inside of us and our work is to choose to tap into our unlimited potential. Each time you start believing you can't do it, remember your brain is really taking care of you and protect you from past painful experiences. Allow yourself to put aside those dark thought patterns you have learnt. Allow yourself to be born again. You will see a new world.

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