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Stop comparing yourself to others.

Coach Massimo Roselli by Massimo Roselli
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If you like me have been brought up in an environment where you were constantly compared to others. If you like me have suffered the consequences from this irrational comparison which has compromised your self-esteem. If you like me have struggled with putting things off as a result of being compared to someone else. I want to let you know that:

- Those people who have compared you to others were most of the times coming from a place of shame, guilt and fear.

- Fear was instrumental to those people to have control on your life as well as move themselves away from taking responsibility for working on their own insecurities.

- The easiest way for them was to project their own fears onto you.

- Always remember that you are unique in who you are as a whole and that the world needs your talents.

- Your contribution is a precious piece of the puzzle. This world can't wait for you to share your gifts.

- Always work on becoming better than yesterday. This is what truly matters.

- Nobody can control you unless you let them control you. It's all about how you choose to respond to an event.

- Look how far you have come. Keep going appreciating who you have become. There's much more to write in your story.

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