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Henry Moors - Qualified Coach

Auckland CBD, New Zealand


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Career/Goal  NLP
Business Coaching Hypnotherapy
Executive Coaching Relationship

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes
Zoom WhatsApp

Henry is offering 14 free sessions


Trained with : Neuro Leadership Group

Qualifications : Results Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psych-K Practitioner


About Me

Your mind can be a powerful simulator of your future or a simple recorder of your past. Why play your past on autorepeat, when you can use your mind to vividly create your future. All great people did it despite detractors ... Madame Curie, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, and Elon Musk to name a few.

I help people focus on a powerful vision of their future so that their future virtually drags them towards it. The tools I use are ICF Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, Reframing and CBT.

Imagine how more focussed and effective you would be if you could communicate with your coach EVERY DAY. Well, you can with email coaching. Here are the benefits of email coaching: -

1. Your sessions are automatically documented. No need to make extra notes.
2. You can send unlimited messages or queries every day.
3. You will get an answer to all your queries every day.
4. You can be held accountable every day if you wish.
5. Your goal will be at front of mind every day.
6. You can continue your coaching sessions even while on holiday. All you need is to find an internet café or just use the mobile app.
7. You save time.

What I am offering you through CoachMeFree is UP to 14 days of email coaching. I coach through a platform called that is very easy to use and has a mobile app.


Here is the link to my profile and the promo code you need to receive free coaching ... and promo code ... GIFT1QGXW
Phone sessions will not be available on my CoachMeFree offer.

I am not young, so I have worked in a wide range of fields including Telemarketing, Computer Programming, Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Project Management, Forex Trading, and Financial Services. I consume vast amounts of information and have three University degrees. So, if you have a challenge I can very often talk from experience.

I love coaching so contact me for your free sessions.


I have helped people leave abusive partners, overcome stuttering, give up smoking, get promotions, sell more insurance policies, buy their dream houses, overcome their limiting beliefs and phobias by using NLP, hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and reframing.

Reviews (8)

This gentleman rectifies the thinking , provides support, valuable counselling & modalities to transition from restlessness into restfulness zone. [more]
Coaching on gaining clarity
I'd like to thank Henry Moors, who has given me an invaluable support and guidance over the past few weeks. [more]
I have had the pleasure to be coached by Henry and I am extremely grateful for that [more]
Henry has a great desire to help hisclient He gives more than expected. [more]
I have been coached by Henry for almost 4 months now that too COMPLETELY FREE I had to discontinue in between for some medical conditions. [more]
One of the biggest insights I got from my sessions with Henry is that we will not undergo personal change if we are TOO COMFORTABLE [more]
Henry is an enthusiastic coach His dynamic modality quickly guides one on a path towards achieving set goals. [more]
I had the privilage of being coached by Henry He is a well trained coach, and he coached me with a very systematic method. [more]


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