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Simulate Your Future Rather Than Rehash Your Past

Coach Henry Moors by Henry Moors
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Your mind can be a powerful simulator of the future or a simple recorder of the past.

Why would you use your mind to play your past on autorepeat, when you can use it to plan your future in vivid detail? Replaying your past can be extremely depressing. By the time we are twenty, there are thousands of decisions we regret making. And the number explodes from then on.

By contrast, all great people focus far more heavily on the future. They write their ideas on paper, sketch them, talk about them, and dream about them. When asked how he was able to paint such original works of art, Van Gogh said, “First, I dream about them, then I paint my dreams”.

Here are just four ways that can help you can crystallize your vision into reality ...

1. Do not talk about your vision to people who do not BELIEVE you can achieve your vision or who discourage you. An expression, a tone of voice or even an unexpected silence can discourage you or worse, make you abandon your vision. “You can not NOT communicate.”

2. Talk to people who have already achieved something similar. Try and spend time in their company. Just being with them will help you believe you can do it. And better still, you will slowly learn how to do it. “Possible for others, possible for me. It is only a matter of how.”

3. Affirmations are a great way to keep you focused and to keep your morale up. Keep your affirmations simple and in the present tense. For example, “I live in a beautiful penthouse in midtown Manhattan.” “Will” tells your subconscious mind not to place any urgency on it. If it is in the present tense, your subconscious works hard to close the gap between the imagination and the reality. Imagine eating an ice cream cone long enough and you will not be able to resist it. That is just the way human minds are wired

4. Journal about your vision every day. Keep your journal entries simple and doable in a short space of time. For example, “Today, I created my profile on a marketing website” and “Tomorrow, I will invite some of my friends to try my product for free.” Eventually, these sentences will grow in number. Start by building the habit first. Then add to it.

There are many more techniques to help you create your vision and then turn it into reality. The important thing is to start and to keep doing them every day.

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