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Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Coach Henry Moors by Henry Moors
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I once had a client who was a fellow Hypnotherapy student. Let’s call her Ann. She was a feisty 50-year-old. She was determined to give up her lifelong habit of smoking. Ann had tried everything. She even attended some group hypnosis sessions I was conducting.

I noticed that she kept telling the same story. When Ann was a young girl, her father lined up her and her siblings and slapped each one on the face and repeated, “Don’t you ever smoke.” When Ann’s son was young, he used to beg his mother to stop smoking, but still, she persisted.

After working with for several sessions, we were not making any progress. So, I said to her, “Do you believe that if you give up smoking, your father has won.” She was angry with me. After that session, I never saw her again. Unfortunately, according to her son, whom I see at my gym, she is still smoking.

On the other hand, a friend of mine wanted to stop smoking. Let’s call her Jane. She was a young mother who was determined to stop smoking for her family’s sake. Her husband didn’t smoke and wanted her to stop. I sent Jane a hypnosis recording of mine. One month later, Jane stopped smoking.

So, does hypnotherapy work? The answer reminds me of a joke, “How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one. But the lightbulb must really want to change.”

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