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Coach Billy Lahr
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Billy Lahr - Qualified Coach

Sauk Centre, United States


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Mindfulness  Meditation
Intentional Living Organization
Personal Training 

Coaching Methods

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Trained with : Mindfulness Exercises with Sean Fargo

Qualifications : Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


About Me


I'm Billy Lahr, an intentional living coach and creator of The Mindful Midlife Crisis, a podcast for people navigating the complexities and possibilities of life’s second half. As a coach, I get so sick and tired of seeing and hearing “Follow Your Passion” from social media influencers and high school graduation commencement speakers when instead people would benefit more from:
*Recognizing and harnessing their strengths while understanding their weaknesses.
*Mindfully exploring their curiosities.
*Building supportive communities.
*Establishing discipline, consistency, patience, and self-compassion.

These are the principles of my No BS GPS Guide to Purpose and Passion, which I developed after burnout forced me to step away from my 21-year career in education in 2021. For the next two years, I traveled around the world in search of meaningful experiences to reignite my sense of purpose. Throughout my journey, I discovered that many others were also in search of a new path in life, and I’ve used my guiding principles as a navigation tool for people seeking purpose and passion ever since.

My journey and expertise have resonated with many, as evidenced by my guest appearances on various podcasts. I'd be honored to share my experiences and perspective with your audience, offering them insights into living a deeply meaningful life.

Additionally, I can delve into other life experiences, such as:
*How mindfulness not only changed my life but most likely saved it as well.
*How being told, "Talking to you stresses me out” opened my eyes to my people-pleasing personality.
*How understanding my love languages and attachment style helped me move away from chasing after unreciprocated attention to instead building a network of supporters who value who I am and what I have to offer.
*Life as a “Sober Explorer”.
*Quantifying the costs of not being mindful in relationships.
*The effectiveness of intentionally-tailored daily routines.
*Replacing "to-do" with "CHIPS" lists for increased productivity.


Intentional Living


Intentional Living
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