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Navigating Overwhelming Thoughts with Mindfulness

Coach Billy Lahr by Billy Lahr
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Lately, my mental health has taken a dip, so I want to open up and share my journey with you. It's crucial to talk honestly about our mental well-being, so those who can relate know they're not alone. Alongside that, I want to discuss the tools I'm utilizing to manage these emotions and keep my foundation strong.
One word that encapsulates my recent state of mind is "overwhelm." There's a lot on my plate, including concerns about my future living arrangements post-Korea and the financial aspects of starting my mindfulness coaching business. The uncertainty surrounding my location and finances has left me pondering various options.

Should I seek a side gig to ensure a steady income?
Is committing to one location the key, or should I explore remote work opportunities?

Balancing my aspirations with financial prudence weighs heavily on my mind.

Speaking of mindfulness coaching, marketing a new venture presents its own challenges. I'm essentially building the plane as I fly it, which can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. I'm learning to embrace this metaphorical turbulence and find effective ways to market my practice.

On a personal level, maintaining relationships and friendships while constantly traveling has proven difficult. The People Pleaser in me struggles to say goodbye to those who have enriched my journey. Forming deep connections with incredible individuals, only to part ways too soon, leaves me longing for more time together. As for romance, the uncertainty surrounding my living situation and finances makes it challenging to pursue a relationship with any of the lovely women I have met along the way.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for me to embrace solitude and focus on my goals?

Amidst all these complexities, stability and routine often take a backseat. Unhealthy habits creep back in, and I sometimes neglect healthier ones. It's a new set of problems, but I wouldn’t trade these problems for my old problems in a million years.

So, what am I doing to keep myself sane during this transitory period in my life?

Well, naturally my mindfulness practice in conjunction with my BetterHelp therapy sessions keep me centered when I’m starting to feel off-balance. I'm immensely grateful for the practice and therapy that provide the space to process and navigate these challenges. By acknowledging that we are not our thoughts, I'm learning to reframe my perspective. I'm not an anxious person; I feel anxiety. Emotions come and go, and like any feeling, overwhelm shall pass.

Despite feeling overwhelmed, I've made sure to engage in activities I truly enjoy. Whether it's marveling at majestic Mount Fuji or savoring meals with newfound friends, I've made cherished memories. I've even taken a private iaido lesson from a samurai—how cool is that?!

Comparing my current state of mind with the past, I've made significant progress in managing my emotions. Mindfulness has played a vital role in this journey, allowing me to be more self-aware and present. It doesn't eliminate all challenges, but it provides the tools to navigate them effectively.

As I continue on my journey, I'm embracing the power of mindfulness and therapy to find balance amidst the chaos. While I don't have all the answers, I'm grateful for the growth I've experienced. And remember, it's okay to feel overwhelmed and unsure. What matters is how we navigate those emotions and take steps towards a healthier mindset.

Remember, you're not alone, and your journey is valuable.

Once again, thank you for your support!
May you feel happy, healthy, and loved.
Take care, friends!

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