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There is a coaching modality that is well ahead of its time, a bit like email was ahead of its time in the mid 90’s. But it quickly became a killer application.

Imagine how more focussed and effective you would be if you could communicate with your coach EVERY DAY, regardless of time zone. Well, you can with instant coaching (often called email coaching). Here are the benefits of this modality.

1. Your sessions are automatically documented. No need to make extra notes.
2. You can send unlimited messages or queries every day.
3. You will get an answer to all your queries every day.
4. You can be held accountable every day if you wish.
5. Your goal will be at front of mind (for you and your coach … how powerful is that?) every day.
6. You can continue your coaching sessions even while on holiday. All you need is to find an internet café or just use the mobile app.
7. You save lots of time.

It is like having a to do list and a journal that ‘talks’ back to you.

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