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Tamara Nikolic

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Confidence building   Identifying Values/Strengths
Limiting beliefs/fears Career transitions
Critical inner voices Personal growth/development

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes Email

Tamara is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

Hi, I am Tamara and I help people regain their confidence and a positive sense of self-worth, by guiding them through the process of creating an affirmative change in their lives. Having reached a low point in my own life and career where I thought “Is this it?” I decided that something had to change, and it was time to face my fears (and there were many!). Now, I help my clients reach that realisation; understanding and resolving what is blocking them from moving forward; finding the clarity of direction and purpose, and ultimately acting to change their lives accordingly.
Establishing effective and confidential coach-client relationship is important to me, with a sense of trust and rapport. Paramount to my coaching approach is empathy, unconditional support, authenticity, motivation and positivity (with a bit of humour!) – I want to create a space that is safe, considerate and non-judgmental, to unable my clients to freely explore any issues and challenges.
I am currently on the point of completing the Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas, with over 90 hours of coaching experience. I am offering 3 complimentary coaching sessions in addition to 30min consultation phone call to see how we can work together.


Majority of my clients are women (by chance rather than choice) who find themselves at a crossroads – whether in personal or professional life – and are ready for a transition but unsure of what that is yet and where to begin.
The coaching process often uncovers what are known as limiting beliefs – beliefs about us which we hold to be true, but actually do not serve us and often work actively against us and hinder our progress. When faced with the notion of change, some clients also experience an emergence of the critical inner voice (I am not good enough/ I cannot do it), often disguised as fears, which prevent us from seeing the possibilities.
Part of my role is to identify and challenge limiting beliefs and fears, with the view to allow for a more positive outlook to be uncovered, adopted and tested by the client.
Below are the challenges and issues (not exclusive) that I can provide support with:
• Confidence building and increasing self-belief
• Overcoming low self-esteem
• Clarity of purpose and direction
• Identifying and resolving limiting beliefs and fears (negative thoughts and behavioural patterns)
• Questioning self-critical thoughts (inner voices saying ‘I am not good enough/ I cannot do it') - helping you recognise them for what they are and manage them so to reduce their relevance in your life
• Finding your core values and aligning them with your life choices
• Identifying your strengths, skills and passions
• Lack of motivation and procrastination
• Public speaking
• Work-life balance and time management

Reviews (4)

I contacted Tamara to talk about career transitions, but have come away with so much more than a decision about 'Which job should I choose next?' Tamara has given me a space to really explore what has been holding me back [more]
Tamara's coaching style was perfectly tailored to my situation and what I was looking for [more]
I am so grateful I reached out to Tamara Her coaching style is powerful, yet subtle. [more]
Having had a reasonably successful career - two in fact - I came to a crossroads in both my life and career [more]


Building Confidence / Increasing Self-belief / Low Self-esteem/ Limiting Beliefs/ Negative thought patterns / Critical Inner Voices / Clarity / Purpose / Values / Motivation / Procrastination / Fulfilment / Work-Life Balance / Time Management / Career Coaching / Life Coaching / Personal Growth and Development