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Self Awareness

Coach Shevanne  Helmer by Shevanne Helmer
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Let's delve deeper into self-awareness, a pivotal yet often overlooked component in the pursuit of happiness. It's startling to note that a significant majority of individuals, I estimate around 80%, exhibit a lack of self-awareness. This deficit isn't about occasional self-reflection during challenging times, which often leads to unproductive self-pity or self-criticism. Instead, I'm talking about a consistent, healthy mode of existence where one is acutely conscious of their own energy and the vibes they emit, their physical presence, ranging from tangible aspects like their scent to the space they occupy. Self-awareness also encompasses one's mental space: how you engage with others, your level of presence in conversations, whether you're genuinely listening with empathy, or merely talking at people rather than conversing with them. It involves asking oneself, are you treating yourself with kindness and respect, or are you caught in a cycle of self-flagellation? This isn't true self-awareness. A genuinely self-aware individual would quickly recognize such patterns and navigate them with compassion and love.

Self-awareness beckons us to embark on a journey of profound self-exploration and introspection. It requires an earnest effort to understand oneself deeply, to become intimately familiar with all facets of one's personality, including the hidden, darker aspects. This process is not just about acknowledgment but also about embracing every part of oneself, leading to a congruent and holistic path towards becoming a complete, integrated individual. This journey is challenging but immensely rewarding, as it fosters a harmonious internal environment conducive to genuine happiness and fulfillment. By cultivating self-awareness, we not only improve our relationship with ourselves but also enhance our interactions with the world, making life a more enriching and joyful experience.

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