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Happier & Confident - For longer!

Coach George Wilse by George Wilse
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Here's a tip that'll keep you happyier and confident for longer!

If we havent met yet, my name is George and I'm a coach specialising in helping you navigate change.

Alright here's the tip:

Stop. Saying. Sorry.

Now you may be thinking "woah okay, that's rude!"

I'm not saying there arent things in life that don't warrant an apology. We certainly dont want to be rude. But saying "Sorry" too much, puts you and your mindset internally into a space of weakness.

Soon enough you'll be apologising for the thoughts you may be having.
Heres the thing. If we are going to navigate change successfully, we need to be our own best friend.

So instead of saying sorry - instead turn it into a "thank you".


If youre running late - Imagine saying "thank you for waiting for me".
If someones come out of their way for you - say " I appreciate you coming all this way"

Or imagine saying "Thank you for holding space for us to have this conversation" whenever you used to say sorry for "inconveniencing" someone wiht the truth.

Flipping "i'm sorry" into "Thank You" or even "I apologise" is going to go such a long way to keeping your confidence up, keeping your happy, and in turn helping you navigate change succesffuly.

So go on, try this out today!

If you found this helpful and want to learn more ways to Navigate Change successfully, then get in touch and grab your free session to start your journey!

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