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Coach George Wilse by George Wilse
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" I Need Help ". Three words that we say to ourselves when things get tough. The problem is, that so many of us aren't able to identify that we actually need support. We are so capabale of achieving absolutely anything, we just either dont know where to start, or focus so much on "How" we are going to achieve something.
The brain doesnt work this way, and funnily enough neither does success - at least long term.

If you focus on how you are going to do this new amazing thing you want to achieve, youre completelly stuck. Your mind will look for all the references it can to see how the task can be done, and come up with two answers for you:
1. Over-Load.
This is where youve got so much information that you are overwhelmed. You dont know where to being and ultimately end up comparing yourself to others and halting what little progress youve already made. Youre stuck.


2. Blank.

You have no idea how youre going to do something because - news flash - YOU'VE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE. There is no road map. so "How" becomes as useful as a hole in a bucket.
You freeze. Youre stuck.

So what's the cure?

Get hyper focused on the other two incredibly important questions....

Why? & What?

Being able to answer these initially is easy. But go into detail, map it out. Why, do you want this toi happen, what will it give to you, to others. WHy is that helpful. What copuld you do. What feelings is this thought giving to you.
Why does this not feel quite right? Why does this feel so right?
What would future me be feeling if I had accomplished this?
What things would future me tell me to do?

All of these questions help bring what you want to happen, into things that ARE happening.

This is what I can help you with. This is what I work with my clients on, and this is "How" they get to their accomplishments.

If you want to realise your vision - Then book a session and let's get started.

See you soon


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