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Without meddling in the lives of friends and family and without wasting thousands to market your fledgling practice...

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Stop and pay attention if you're wondering how to get beyond the 'no client' conundrum that all new coaches face.

You Need Clients—To GET Clients

You might have already realised that before you can get paid to coach... You need to meet the hourly coaching requirements for your certification.

Listen, we've all been there.

You've worked hard to complete your coaching course of study, but before you can use what you've learned to earn the income you desire, you must gain experience.


By sharing the valuable knowledge you've learned through free trial sessions with potential new clients. You'd think giving away your (powerful and proven) expertise for free would be easy, right? But could-be coach, after could-be coach sits in frustration... Wondering HOW to get the ball rolling. Because before anyone will give you the chance to change their life, you'll need to prove you're capable.

I know what you're thinking. "Can't I just get my experience by coaching family and friends?"

While I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you—in the beginning—you'll be setting yourself up for a bigger hurdle down the road.

You see, the #1 reason that most coaches fail, right out of the gate, is because they try to acquire their coaching hours by inserting their agenda, beliefs, and values into their 'emotionally involved' relationships with family and friends.

It’s easy to understand why that’s the worst possible way to begin building your practice.
Not only are you setting yourself up for turbulence in your relationships with people you love...  
But it sets you up for a major hurdle when you’re finally ready to make the leap from coaching people you’re familiar with—to clients you’ve never worked with a day in your life.
In fact, that’s one of the foremost reasons so many new coaches see the value in CoachMeFree, because you’re getting instant access to REAL clients.

The kind of REAL clients that give you testimonials, tell potential paying clients how your coaching expertise helped them to do, be, and have everything they imagined.

So if you can’t coach people near and dear to you—how will you get your first client?

If you’re wondering how to get your first client, you’re not alone.

The truth is that it’s often just hard to know the right steps to take to go from ‘free coaching’ to build a practice that fills your schedule with happy, paying clients.

Just consider these time-tested facts…

Fact #1: Coaches with long waiting lists and larger incomes all have one thing in common:  Eager clients will hold up money, and stand in line ALL because of the reputation they’ve built.

But without a built-by-coaching-clients reputation, you can’t expect people to invest what you’re asking.

Fact #2: You could quickly turn that catch-22 conundrum around with just a few clients. Why? Because the more clients you coach, the faster you can get your full certification, the quicker you build your reputation, and the more you can expect your clients to invest. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

What you’d see, once you’ve gained a few positive reviews is a snowball effect. The more clients you coach, the more clients you get...

And let’s not forget the most critical piece in this whole equation.

Fact #3: You won’t charge what you’re worth until you’ve built up the unshakeable confidence to ASK for what you’re worth.

As you probably learned in your coaching training, exuding confidence when you’re quoting your fees dramatically increases the likelihood that you’ll hear your clients say, “Sounds great”.

And what’s the fastest, and easiest way to build up that confidence? Proving to yourself that you’re ready by working out the ‘kinks’ in your program, understanding that you’re delivering exactly what your clients desire—and collecting “Social PROOF” in the form of testimonials—so you KNOW you’re worth every cent.

As you can clearly see, the facts are simple.

If you’re looking to build a ‘waiting list creating’ reputation…

Prove that you’re ready to use your coaching certification…

Seeking the fastest way to infuse confidence into your practice, so you hear that ‘yes’ after you quote your fees. 

Or if you want to build a thriving coaching practice that pays you what you’re worth…

You NEED to stop worrying about HOW to get more clients and GET more clients.

And watch as the reputation, respect, financial reward, and empowerment you gain (knowing you’re helping people reach their goals) quickly and easily fall into place.

What if you could quickly and easily begin tapping into a powerful success-building platform that allows you to…

  • Earn the hours you need to prove to your coaching institution that “I’m Ready to Become a Qualified Coach”.
  • Move beyond ‘coaching theory’ as you put what you’ve ‘learned’ into practice.
  • Breakthrough the ‘new coach’ barrier that stands between you and your dream career.
  • Instantly attract clients who want to work with a passionate, excited expert.
  • Identify your perfect coaching ‘niche’ quickly by coaching a variety of clients on a full-spectrum of issues so that you can hone in on your ‘Ideal Client’ (Hint: Coaches who specialise make more!)
  • Gain the testimonials you need to showcase your ‘ability to perform’ to paying clients.
  • Build your reputation in your desired coaching ‘area’.
  • Develop a ‘Word of Mouth Fan Base’ who stand at the ready to tell their friends about what you offer.
  • Discover WHO You want to work with (your ideal client) as you coach people from all ‘walks of life’.
  • Get clear about how much clients will invest in your expertise so you know what to ask for.
  • Gain the confidence, and proven skill to charge what you’re worth.
  • Experience a genuine, natural and organic transformation from a trainee coach or transforming expert, to a qualified coach with the coaching practice you desire.
  • And Watch as Your ‘New’ Coaching Service Grows Into a Thriving Practice, Transform your coaching practice from barely surviving to thriving.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it sounds perfect if you’re an ambitious coach who would like to accelerate your entrance into the world of PAID coaching, for less than you pay to take a potential client to lunch.

But don't take our word for it. See why fellow coaches refer their friends to CoachMeFree.

Ready to see how to quickly and easily build your new coaching practice?

3 SIMPLE Steps is All You’ll Need to Get Started Now.

Step 1. Create Your FIRST Online Presence through Your Personal Profile.
Signing up for CoachMeFree means that you can begin logging your required coaching hours—in just hours—plus build your reputation, and attract your ‘ideal’ coaching clients.
In fact, building a thriving coaching practice has never been easier because CoachMeFree provides you the ideal platform to...

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Step 3. Build Your Reputation. When you coach interested clients for free, you’ll gain the hours you require to complete your full coaching certification and get the testimonials you need to begin attracting PAID clients.

PLUS joining CoachMeFree means you’ll experience SUPPORT you simply can’t find anywhere else.

When you sign up today, you’ll get instant LIFETIME access to our Coaches Forum where you can communicate with coaches who understand what you’re facing—coaches with interests and passions in every imaginable area.

In fact, many of our new coaches enjoy the forum because it allows you to explore...

By now you’ve seen that we’re offering you the opportunity to rapidly accelerate your coaching practice...

So you’re probably wondering, how much will I need to invest in my career, to begin seeing new clients this week?

As you can imagine, we spend tens of thousands each month getting you clients, maintaining our website platform, and bringing in experts to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need to succeed.

You can stop worrying and take a deep breath, because you’re helping us LIVE our passion, purpose, and forward our mission—to help coaches.

That's why when you sign up today, you'll invest just 74 EUR into your future.

Yes, we know that 74 EUR is less than you’d invest on one day of paid search marketing, and far less than you’ll earn from a single hour of coaching.

In fact, when you stop and think about it, you’re getting much more than just the hours you need to receive your official coaching certification.

Or a place to showcase your ability, in word, in reputation, in social media, and on screen...
When you sign up today you’ll instantly begin tapping into a powerful success-building platform that allows you to...

I’m sure you’ll agree that it sounds perfect if you’re an ambitious coach who would like to accelerate your entrance into the world of PAID coaching, for less than you’d pay for a dinner for one.
So offering you the lowest-imaginable-price of 74 EUR is worth it...

Because you’re helping us to put our passion, purpose, and mission into play—every time a new client  contacts you, and everytime you coach that new clients to transform their dreams into goals, goals into action, and action into achievement.

Remember, the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to coach paid clients.
The decision is yours. You can look back a year from now and wonder why you’re still struggling to build a coaching practice...

Or you can look back at today, a year from now, and love the fact that investing just 74 EUR into your future allowed you to rapidly accelerate the growth of your coaching practice, log the hours your certification institution requires, and feel pride in the fact that you’re earning what you’re worth while helping your ideal clients to do, be and have everything they desire.

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