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Coach Olga Kurek, ICF ACC
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Olga Kurek, ICF ACC - Qualified Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Languages : English, German, Russian, Dutch, Polish

Coaching Specialties

Leadership Coaching  Career Coaching
Performance Coaching Perfectionism Coaching
Entrepreneurs/Startup Coaching Stress Mgmt / Burnout Coaching

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : International Coach Academy (ICA)

Qualifications : Advanced Professional & Group Coach (CPC), ICF ACC, CBT coach, Bachelor's Psychology, Master's International Business & Finance, Master's International RelationsM.


About Me

You've heard the saying, 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,' right? If your dreams light a fire within you, I'm here to fan those flames.

Are you ready to redefine what success means and take those leaps you've been dreaming of? Well, you've just connected with a coach who doesn't just understand the unique challenges that dreamers and high-achievers like you face – I've walked that path with people like you.

For over 7 years, I've stood shoulder to shoulder with leaders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers who were in your shoes, eager to conquer obstacles and find their way to their aspirations. It's a personal journey, and my belief in you is unwavering. Within you lies the strength and potential to overcome anything. I'm here to guide you and help you harness those hidden strengths when needed.

My background, a blend of psychology, business & finance, and international relations, coupled with my real-world experience in leading teams and navigating intricate projects, isn't just a list of credentials – it's a commitment. A commitment to being a deep thinker, a compassionate listener, and a relentless supporter throughout your journey.

Having worked in 7 countries and immersed myself in diverse cultures, I've not only learned languages but also the heartbeat of global success.

Let's embark on a transformative conversation. As we shape strategies that align with your dreams, remember that I'm not just a coach but your personal strategist and most prominent advocate.

Are you prepared to dive into new opportunities? Let's talk; I believe your career is on the brink of something remarkable.

Take that step and join an intake session. Let's chart a course toward a future defined by remarkable success.

With unwavering commitment,
Olga Kurek


1. Personal Efficiency:

- Performance Mindset
- Goal Setting and Achievement
- Time Management
- Stress Management
- Resilience Building
- Self-Confidence Building
- Emotional Intelligence
- Effective Communication
- Active Listening
- Critical Thinking

2. Leadership and Career Development:

- Executive Leadership
- Transformational Leadership
- Leadership Presence
- Career Transition
- Personal Branding
- Job Search Strategies
- Strategic Planning
- Professional Growth Roadmap
- Handling Performance Reviews
- Building Professional Relationships

3. Immigration and Adaptation:

- Cross-Cultural Communication
- Adaptation in the New Country
- Language Barriers and Proficiency
- Relocation Challenges and Coping
- Family Adaptation and Integration
- Multicultural Marriage Dynamics
- Navigating Cultural Norms
- Supportive Social Network Building
- Balancing Cultural Heritage and Integration
- Cultural Identity and Self-Expression

Reviews (1)

Warmth and positiveness, supportiveness and imvolvement, challengiing questions and great insights - that is I have experienced during the coaching sessions [more]


Performance Mindset, Goal Setting, Achievement, Time Management, Stress Management, Resilience Building, Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Leadership Development, Transformational Leadership, Leadership Presence, Career Transition, Personal Branding, Job Search Strategies, Strategic Planning, Professional Growth, Performance Reviews, Professional Relationships, Cross-Cultural Communication, Expats Coaching, Immigration Coaching, Language Proficiency, Relocation Challenges, Family Adaptation, Multicultural Marriage, Cultural Norms, Social Networks, Balancing Heritage, Cultural Identity