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Coach Rowan Armstrong
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Rowan Armstrong - Qualified Coach

Blackpool, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Building Performance  Finding deeper meaning
Grief and loss Pet Grief and loss

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
Skype Email
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : Animas, Soul Companions, Coaches Raising, Coaching at End of Life

Qualifications : Diploma


About Me

I am Rowan and I offer coaching at the extremes of life. For those exciting times when you have a dream you wish to bring into being. I will walk alongside you cheering you on, helping you take those seemingly impossible steps that will birth your dream. To the darker days of loss and grief where life gets turned upside down. Life becomes a lonely and bereft of joy and colour.
I use a number of modalities to help you on your transformational journey. Connect with your body using somatic coaching, delving deep with transformation coaching. Always with deep listening like you have never experienced before.
I will help you find solution to your pain points. Remove those self-imposed blocks and replace them with new thoughts that serve you on your journey.


Performance Coaching:
I help you to reach your dreams. Removing those limiting thoughts that are holding you back. You have an idea, a dream but don’t know how to reach it. I will help you find the path to your dream and keep you accountable and on target.
Greif Coaching:
I will walk alongside you, helping to fully experience your turbulent emotions in caring safe and brave space. Allowing you to explore them in all of their depth. They say time heals all wounds. This is not always true. You sometimes have to witness and be witnessed your darkest of feelings. This is especially true when you grieve. You need to work through all the complexities. I will be there at your side riding your roller-coaster.
I will help you explore your changing relationship with the person or companion animal who has past.


Purpose, Grief, loss, pet grief, success, growth