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Amma Primicino - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Confidence & Self-Esteem   Balancing Career & Family
Wellness & Self-Care Supporting Life Transition
Imposter Syndrome Burnout

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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Trained with : Eben Pagen Training.

Qualifications : MSc, BA (Hons), Certified Virtual Life Coach


About Me

Hello there! I'm Amma Primicino, and I wear many cherished hats – a dedicated mother to a 17-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter, a seasoned corporate professional with 15 years under my belt, and a fearless entrepreneur who's taken the plunge into the world of business ownership. I know firsthand the exhilarating highs and the real-world demands of navigating motherhood while chasing success.

My Unstoppable Journey: Life has taught me that an unstoppable woman can break through any barrier and soar to incredible heights. With the right strategies and unwavering determination, we can conquer it all – the complexities, the balancing act of priorities, the nurturing of mental health, and the pursuit of audacious goals. I'm here to help you on this empowering journey.

Inspiring Confidence and Beyond: My mission is clear – to inspire mothers like you to shine with unshakeable confidence and unleash your truest potential. Together, we tackle the multifaceted challenges of motherhood while nurturing your career and cultivating a passionate marriage.

Overcoming Life's Hurdles: I understand the struggles – the moments of self-doubt, the relentless impostor syndrome, the weight of high expectations, the unhealthy habit of comparison, and the gnawing fear of failure. But here's the good news: I'm here to guide you through overcoming these hurdles with grace.

Building Radical Confidence: My passion is helping you build radical confidence so you can transition through life with ease and grace. We'll unlock your inner strength, cultivate self-belief, and nurture resilience.

A Fulfilling Motherhood Journey Awaits: Life isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving. It's about relishing the journey of motherhood, nurturing a thriving career, and embracing a passionate marriage. Let's embark on this transformative adventure together.


Specialism 1: "Confidence Mastery & Self-Discovery for Life, Career, and Beyond"

Confidence is the key that unlocks the doors to your dreams, but it all starts with knowing yourself. As a coach specializing in Confidence Mastery & Self-Discovery, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey. Together, we'll build unwavering confidence rooted in a deep understanding of who you are. This self-awareness serves as the gateway to achieving your aspirations in every facet of life, from career success to thriving relationships and beyond.

Specialism 2: "Confidence-Driven Success in Marriage, Parenthood, and Self-Love"

Imagine a life where confidence, self-discovery, and self-love fuel your relationships and family dynamics. With my coaching in Confidence-Driven Success, we'll explore how these elements can be the cornerstone of passionate, thriving marriages, harmonious parenthood, and a profound connection with yourself. Let's harness the power of self-awareness and self-love to create the life you desire and deserve.

Reviews (1)

I am needing to set my success in a forward direction and not so alone as it's been I've yet to have anyone in my Conner or side in a ground breaking path they have shown ,e is mine I also understand the leap of unimaginable hight it is from where I stand and I know I belong for me to give the world my knowledge bestowed upon me would be a honor to be a tool of this magnitude and I believe I'd love the chance to show my son the mother he can be proud of I no living with the mind I have in the place I do it will soon cost me my life and im not ready to just give up if im still so interested in what I can offer the world as a whole
The one thing id like to discover is what my mind has hiding from me as well from my past even if it hurts but I can not let it scare me to stand still and not see what is in my path ahead I am to great to just give up please help me see this jump that will be a,axing to set forward and climb with everyday I can't wait to just be a amazing mom so my son don't have to limit his wonder of his [more]


Confidence, Self-Love, Self-Belief, Personal Branding, Networking Confidence, Parenting & Career Intergration, Influence & Power, Inner Wealth, Success-Mindset, Stress Management, Work-Life Integration, Time Management, Professional Success, Career Advancement, Leadership & Motherhood, Confidence Building, Self-Care, Work-Life Harmony, Goal Achievement, Productivity Planning,Empowering Mumpreneurs.

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