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Cristyn Jenkins

Ibiza, Spain


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Life Style Change  Habits

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Face to Face Facetime Yes
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Cristyn is offering 4 free sessions


About Me

Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Cristyn. I'm offering 4 free sessions.

Let me guess, you're at a point in your life and you're feeling a bit.. Mehh. Life's just rolling on, same old, same old each day and it feels stale. The life you're living just doesn't seem to light you up in the way you you think it should.

I believe that you deserve to experience life in the fullest and most meaningful ways.

If you are drifting day to day feeling a little lost then I invite you to coach with me where together, we can explore your situation and explore new thinking and possibilities.

I'm not here to brag about my 'Superpowers', I'm just your average human with a bit of a ballsy attitude towards life and a deep belief that you can achieve what you want with the correct mindset and support.

9 years ago my first son was born in the UK. We raised him in the UK for 2.5 years but we always felt we didn't want to raise him in the UK. We soon decided to move to Spain (Ibiza) where we could build a better life for ourselves.

I'm now raising my 3 kids in Ibiza whilst working on my own personal growth each day (spoiler alert - it's messy!)

I quit alcohol 1 year ago and since this, my life has improved dramatically.

I am offering 4 x 20 minute coaching sessions. You can choose if you prefer to use them separately as 'Lazer Coaching' sessions or you can bundle them together as 1 long session where we can go deeper into your situation.


To follow

Reviews (2)

Working with Cristyn helped me to solve an issue I had been struggling with since the birth of my first child [more]
Cristyn is great, she’s got a lovely calming voice and always very compassionate [more]


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