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Christos Papaioannou - Qualified Coach

London, United Kingdom


Languages : English, Greek

Coaching Specialties

Leadership development  Career change and progression
Life Transitions Mindset,Confidence, Motivation
Burnout and wellbeing  Work-life balance

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : Animas centre for Coaching - London

Qualifications : Diploma in Transformational Coaching; Group coaching certificate; European Mentoring and Coaching Council accredited coach at practitioner level


About Me

Hi! My name is Christos and I am a qualified (Animas diploma, accredited by the International Coaching federation) and accredited professional coach (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) with years of experience in leadership roles.

My purpose is to help people connect with themselves and others, enabling them to make a difference and I've been lucky to be doing this since 2020, when I got my coaching qualifications and launched Coaching Labs, my coaching business.

I am driven by the belief that everyone’s potential could be limitless. This belief derives from person-centred theories that see individuals as whole, resourceful and creative – even when systems put barriers and do not allow us to see this. At the same time, humans are predominantly social, connection and relationships-seeking beings, and I believe in the collective power of groups and organisations to bring change.

I work with individuals who want to work, lead and live authentically and make a difference for themselves and others.

To achieve this I bring together my coaching skills, my years of experience in leadership and my background in psychology.

Before becoming a coach, and for more than 20 years ,my background was in civil society and Non-Governmental Organisations, ranging from environmental and humanitarian aid, global health and human rights. I have worked in countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East in management, programmes, funding and communications positions.

In addition to coaching, you’ll often find me working on humanitarian programmes, connecting with people and nature, or cooking. I always aim to try something new, from discovering new authors (recommendations welcome), to learning how to build a website, the art of kintsugi or (unsuccessfully) playing the ukulele.

I remain connected with the political, social, environmental and humanitarian challenges we’re facing and I engage with different issues in several ways. I am a Board of Directors member and Treasurer at Médecins Sans Frontieres Greece and a Board Trustee and Chair of the Finance, Risk and Governance Committee of Mosaic LGBT+ Trust in London.

Note: My gender pronouns are he/him.

Read about me:

What my clients say:

What I enjoyed most about the sessions was that Christos would ask me questions that I initially didn’t think I‘d have answers to; by the time I finished answering the question I was surprised by my answers — they were answers that were suppressed and it was the question that woke things up in me.

Victoria, London, UK


I really enjoyed being able to talk through my upcoming career change plans with a neutral third-party, exploring various potential priorities and scenarios to better facilitate confident decision-making in the near future. At no point did Christos attempt to pre-empt or assume my opinions or choices — instead, I was guided to find unique solutions for my particular journey.

I would recommend a session with Christos to anyone on the brink of a career change, it never does any harm to talk things through!

Holly G., International Development professional


Through coaching, I got time to reflect and focus on topics I usually shy away from. Having someone to listen to me, in a safe space, was invaluable!

With Christos’s help, I was able to recognize my strengths — both in work and life. I am thankful that I was given the space to reflect and to realize that I already had some of the answers.

Christos is patient, helps you feel at ease, and wants the best for you — this comes out in his coaching.

Andrew M., Programme Manager, UK

Christos’s approach worked very well for me. I had a platform and space to actively think about my goals and to explore various facets, mindsets and approaches to life.

I have a more positive mindset and feel that I am more self-aware, that the hunger and zeal to succeed has been reignited in me. I have drawn a plan of action that includes values that are important to me. My path seems clearer and goals feel tangible to me now.

I would not have achieved the growth I feel I have achieved without this coaching.

I would recommend Christos, he’s very professional, listens carefully and directs the coaching in a way that challenges thought processes and explores various beliefs and attitudes. All the sessions were very enjoyable.

Lindi, Accountant


Overall, it was very interesting to use different techniques to get to the bottom of my issues and to understand what my priorities in life are. Christos is a great coach, he is very caring, a great listener and provided a safe environment at all times.

I feel more confident and equipped to work on my nervousness when public speaking. I have uncovered various negative beliefs and realized that they are not real, which has given me greater confidence. I learnt that talking to a coach is very important in life and I would definitely do it again in the future.

I also got a new job during the coaching sessions and I feel very confident and happy with the work I am doing. I think I owe a lot of this to Christos.

Maria, Finance Manager

I very much enjoyed having the space to really look at my decision from different angles. I thought the way Christos framed the session was great because there was a clear beginning, middle and „wrap up“ which meant I could relax and feel safe in the moment throughout.

To my surprise we explored areas that went beyond the specific question I brought and I found it really useful to do so. The coaching session revealed aspects of my decision making process which I had not understood as such before. I have no doubt that this understanding will serve me beyond today’s question far into the future.

I also realised that I can trust and believe in myself; and that I should actually be very proud of myself. All in all it was extremely helpful to have someone to discuss and explore my situation with. I very much appreciate Christos’ calm manner and thoughtful questioning.

Tess, Entrepreneur, UK


I am a firm believer that we all have several chances in life and work; we try, we fail and succeed, and we try again. We learn and unlearn; we keep exploring and growing.

Having the thinking space to navigate complexity and get clarity and confidence around your work or life makes it possible to go through difficult situations, important decisions, change and growth. We build a working alliance through coaching.

I work with people who are ready to be brave, to explore, learn and unlearn, to test ideas and to make mistakes and grow. Over the past years, I have worked with numerous clients and organisations.

I often work with clients who seek to improve or take a new step in their career; clients who are leaders or future leaders facing complexity and looking to improve their skills; and individuals who want to explore a more fulfilling and confident attitude towards work and life.

My clients come from different professional sectors and have diverse backgrounds. I have worked and I continue working with individuals who have faced discrimination and oppression due to their race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical and cognitive ability.

If any of the bellow applies to you, let's have a coaching conversation:

You need thinking space to navigate complexity, get clarity, confidence and direction around your work, career and life choices.
You want to be successful in your management role and lead engaged and happy teams through transformational leadership, inspiring positive change in others.
You seek to improve, change or take a new step in your career.
You want to explore a more fulfilling attitude towards work and life with increased confidence and presence, and less stress.
You are a leader or future leader and looking for a space to think, change your mindset and perspective and grow your skills — for you and your organisation.
You wish to lead a life aligned to your values and authentic self.
You know what you want to achieve, but it feels like an impossible road full of obstacles.


Leadership; Career; Professional development; Life transitions; Career change; Positive Mindset; Burnout; Wellbeing; Management; Work; Team management; Leadership development; Executive coaching; Business coaching; Relationships: Transformational coaching; Existential coaching;