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Coach Delia Weissy
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Delia Weissy - Qualified Coach

Milan, Italy


Languages : English, Italian

Coaching Specialties

Leadership strengths and gaps  Stress management
Performance optimization Removing barriers to success
Career development/change 

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

Delia is offering 1 free session


Trained with : IPEC

Qualifications : CPC, ELI MP, COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist™


About Me

I help people discover the resources they have within, to fully express their talents and potentials creating the successful life they want for themselves in a sustainable way.

I’m mainly helping people that are working in a corporate environment and did not reach yet a fulfilling and satisfactory position that makes them feel successful in life.

After over 25 years in the corporate pharmaceutical environment, I started an inspiring and life changing journey which allowed me to experience the power of core energy coaching and learn the coaching skills with Ipec, the most prestigious American professional coach training school. Since then I got my three certificates as Professional Coach, Leadership Core Dynamics Specialist and Energy Ledership Index Assessment Master Practitioner.

My mission as Core Energy Coach is to facilitate any challenge or change process in an opportunity to minimize stress and maximize the performance.


Core Energy Coaching methodology is based on increasing the awareness towards the direction you want to go, work on inner blocks and limiting beliefs to achieve a more satisfactory personal and professional life in a sustainable way unlike traditional approaches based only on action.

As a Core Energy Coach I can help you identifying your goals, get clarity on what is holding you back and set an action plan for success.
If you have:
• the desire to achieve results more quickly
• a need to reverse the direction taken at work or in personal life
• a lack of clarity about the choices to be made
• you have no balance between work and private life
• you did not identify your main potentials or how to best use them

I can support you in reaching more fulfilment and satisfaction.

I’m looking forward to share what I’ve learned and help others to consciously connect with their thoughts and emotions to achieve a more fulfilling life.

Reviews (3)

Breakthrough with just one session!
When I found Delia, my life was already stuck for six months and I really had to move on from a traumatic experience at work [more]
Breakthrough with just one session

When I found Delia, my life was already stuck for six months and I really had to move on from a traumatic experience at work [more]
Delia is just the loveliest, most insightful coach you can possibly meet and work with [more]


Energy, values, inner blocks, leadership, stress management, conscious choice, awareness, acceptance, authenticity, confidence, connection, presence in the moment, change management, influencers, balance, potentials, satisfaction, fulfilment, success, clarity, career change, career development, performance optimization.