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Coach Lori Brady
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Lori Brady - Qualified Coach

Guelph, Canada


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Leadership Development  Life Balance
Emotional Intelligence Energy Leadership™ Index
Confidence Leadership & Life Mastery

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
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Trained with : iPEC

Qualifications : Certified Professional Coach


About Me

After 25 years in Leadership, I now coach individuals and leaders who want to lead their lives with confidence, limitless energy, and maximum fulfillment. Learn how to overcome stress and overwhelm and lead your life and career with intention rather than reaction, and step into a life of purpose, happiness and success.


Everything we do requires Energy – making decisions, concentrating in a meeting, providing feedback, interacting with our co-workers or our families, etc. We’re always experiencing energy in one of two ways, either catabolic or anabolic. Catabolic energy can be draining, destructive, and can work against you, whereas anabolic energy is constructive, fueling, and works for you. The type of energy we experience at any given time fluctuates throughout the day and depends on the situations we're experiencing. Many people find themselves stuck in a pattern of catabolic energy.
As a Core Energy™ Coach, I will teach you about the 7 levels of energy that we all have, and help you learn how to raise your energy levels and become more aware of your actions and choices. Once you learn to recognize how you show up and how you can shift your energy from catabolic to anabolic, you'll be better equipped to get through your day with clarity and purpose, pursue and achieve your goals, and find fulfillment in your career and life, all with energy to spare! .


Leadership, Energy Leadership Index (ELI), Energy Leadership Index 360, Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, Consciousness, Women, Canada, Stress, Career, Development, Confidence, Presence, Purpose