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Coach Viktor Sághy
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Viktor Sághy

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Long Term Support  Step by Step Processes
Healthy Relationships Mental Health
Business Development Emotional Processing

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About Me

What do you want to achieve but are not sure if you can?
Happiness, love and abundance are closer than you think.
Not gonna lie, it takes commitment, but you can become the person who creates those things. That's what I'm here to help with.

While I chose to go back to school I'm coaching since 2016.
You can read my client studies under "Articles" and find me on social media.

My main love is coaching. I love to give and receive coaching. I love to be challenged and experience life transformation. Because of that, I constantly invest in my own transformation. I'm an artist too. I like to sculpt or play the bass. I love my wife, who's thought me so much about commitment, love and happiness. We like to go to the gym and go for long walks. Our solution for not having pets of our own is that we feed the ducks and cats in our area. :D

Finally, my dedication is to love itself. I'm dedicated to loving myself. I'm dedicated to loving people who I'm with when I'm with them. I KNOW everyone is brilliant! NO ONE really needs anything, People are abundance and mental health deep down. I, You, We are all innately whole!

You can read my articles:

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Your Coach,


I've been coaching people around various challenges and aspirations. Ranging from dealing with anxiety to upgrading their business and creating their dream relationship. I've worked with people with all sorts of backgrounds, histories, religions, and sexual orientations. This is what it is to be human. So feel free to bring your full self.

What my clients say appreciate the most about coaching with me is my intuition and my relentless commitment to their transformation. (A secret; I invite them into the same level of commitment. A commitment to the new life they've never lived into.)

I especially like to work with driven, high performers. The reason being is because I know how it is to be one.

There is a brilliance to the high-performing brain, but also there is a dark side to it.

A high-performing mind can be very self-critical. Maybe you feel that you're just an impostor. Or that you're not good enough and only if you could get that goal, you could be finally OK.

Or while you thrive in one area, you still procrastinate on the things that you really care about. Maybe you're good in business but can't seem to create intimacy with the people that really matter.

If this resonates with you, you're not alone, you're a high-performer (or can be one). The good news is that you can become a person who creates the life you want. Happiness, love and abundance are closer than you think.

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Viktor is a compassionate,soulful coach with immense capacity to help people change who are ready to embrace change and do the hard work [more]


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