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Andy Nisevic

Lincoln, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Achievement  Wellness
Performance Goal Setting
Resilience Leadership

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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Andy is offering 5 free sessions


About Me

I've been in the RAF for over 22-yrs; for the vast majority of that time I've been involved in training and professional development of one form or another. Staff development is a passion of mine. I thrive on seeing people reach their full potential and take immense pride in the success stories my coaching, mentoring and training has contributed to. I believe strongly, that every person, no matter their background, educational standard, or status, has the ability to excel. It's all down to finding what motivates us.

Personal development can mean so many things. Whether it be gaining new qualifications, achieving a promotion, getting a new job, or just having the ability to get up and face the world. I've experienced my own dark days, I understand just how exhausting it is to "put on that face" and just get on with life. Wellness and resilience coaching isn't therapy, or counselling, it helps you identify the future you want, and how to get there.

As a leader, a manager, and a facilitator of leadership & management training, I know the effect good, or bad, leadership can have. It can either stifle development or accelerate it. It can either increase or reduce wellness. I have 2 philosophies when it comes to leadership; don't be a d**k, and do your best. Most people talk about being the perfect leader; I don't believe that exists. Leaders are human beings too, we're subject to the same emotional flaws as everyone else. We will get it wrong sometimes. The key is, did you do your best with the knowledge, resources and capacity at your disposal? If you can answer honestly, yes, you're at least halfway there. Leadership coaching can help you identify the most effective means of using those resources available, develop the most effective team possible and to manage your own emotions so your goals and ambitions can be achieved alongside that of your teams.


Leadership training.
Leadership Coaching.
Wellness & Resilience Coaching.
Personal Development Coaching.
Non-judgemental Listening.


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