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Coach Janna Johannsen
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Janna Johannsen

Rügge, Germany


Languages : English, German

Coaching Specialties

Health Coaching  Wellness Coaching
Lifestyle & Behaviour Changes 

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
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Janna is offering 6 free sessions


About Me

Do you want some change?

It can be hard to change. It can be scary, challenging, frustrating and seemingly impossible. It can also be adventurous, insightful and fun!

You are probably familiar with feeling stuck. You want progress but feel like running around in circles. Maybe you're not even starting to do anything, productive or not.

No time. No money. No help. No energy. No headspace. No hope. No motivation.

Everything would be just fine. If only there were no reasons to change. No bad consiousness. No dreams of a life in happiness and ease.

From my own experience I know that even the best reasons, reasons like strong pain, long-term health consequences or even the wellbeing of my own child, are sometimes not enough to change a habit or behaviour.

I believe it's not laziness, lack of motivation, being a bad person or a loser. There is much more to it.

As a coach I offer a way out of the loop of dreaming, trying, getting frustrated, intimidated or resentful... and spiral down this pathway. Instead, let's spiral up again!

It's my life purpose to create environments for learning, growth and thriving. I love doing that for myself and my family. And as coach it is my pleasure to do it for you.

As coach I'm often told to be empathic, affirming, patient and calming.

Contact me and we'll find out if we're a good fit!

I meet and coach online via Zoom.


Without judgement I help

- gaining confidence, motivation and hope,
- deciding what steps to do next,
- making long-lasting lifestyle and behaviour changes,
- finding and selecting information, health care providers and other resources,
- seeing and using their personal strengths

on their individual path to health and wellness.

If a client needs medical treatment by a licenced health care provider, I'm happy to help with finding the right professional, coaching along a supervised treatment or protocoll, mediating and preparing or reflecting visits.

My areas of interest and experience:

- Functional and ancestral health (diet, movement, sleep, stress, social connection, fun and play),
- Contact with nature,
- Modern digital technology and social media consumption,
- Mindfulness and (self-) compassion,
- Parenting


Motivational interviewing, autonomy, self-efficacy, change, healthy lifestyle, habits, Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM), functional health, wellness vision, goal setting