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Coach Matthias Bernauer
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Matthias Bernauer - Qualified Coach

Munich, Germany


Languages : English, German, Portuguese

Coaching Specialties

Overcoming Shyness  Finding Motivation
Learning a Language  Speaking to Strangers
Sport  Finding Strength

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
TelephoneYes Viber
SkypeYes EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

Matthias is offering 3 free sessions


Qualifications : Certified Coach, Bachelor Degree:Social Work, Master Degree: Psychosocial Counselor


About Me

Hello My Name is Matthias.

If you are sometimes feeling shy to tell other People your own opinion and you dont know what to say when let me help you and support you. Maybe you are facing alot of social Fears and you are feeling stressed only by seeing a new social Situation upcoming. I really will help and support you how to feel differnet because i know what im doing.

If you dont find Motivation to follow your Dreams and Passion and you dont see a good Starting Point when i can guarantee you to help you. Maybe you are not clear about Your Feeling or you dont see clearly the Outcome where you want to go. Just let us talk and i will support you to find your Way and Goal in your Life.

Maybe you are missing a Deeper Meaning and Fullfillment in Life and you tried out many Things before that didnt work out well. Maybe you dont know who you really are and what makes your Personality unique. I can Fix it for sure and help you!!!

I am Matthias and i love to support People. Im into Personal Development since 20 Years and i really can help you.

Lovely Greetings



Im working since over 10 Years with People and speaking successfully about their Challenges in Life.

Transformational Coach.


Shyness Motivation Sport Language Strength