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Coach Hannah Tahry
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Hannah Tahry

Shefford, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Bereavement   Personal Growth and Developmen
Stress and Anxiety Career Change
Tangible goals (e.g weight los Emotional Abuse Victims

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Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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Hannah is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life. It was all before me - on one sparkly clean highway that went in a straight line for miles on end!

Life was indeed very clear cut, completely within my grasp, no I will go a step further - it was guaranteed!

All I had to do was pass my A-levels, go to a top university, study English Lit, get my dream job in the film industry, find the love of my life, get married and have children! Sorted right?

...Obviously you know the answer to this question - NO! Not at all..

The big curve ball, which would throw all of my beliefs, values and mental health into a big giant entangled ball was on the 2nd May 2011: my mother committed suicide, she hung herself on the staircase outside my bedroom and I found her.

But as it is said in Hunger Games, "hope is the one thing that is stronger than fear" and since then I have gone on a massive journey of self-discovery, which has been enlightening, painful and powerful, sad and beautiful.

The life that I envisioned in my early adult life does not exist, and I am glad for it.

The thing I know to be a guarantee is the opposite of what I believed in my early years.

I am aware that I know in fact very little on the grand scale of things - the real ignorance would be to feel I knew everything, or even a lot about life!

However and this is the key point: the fact that I know very little does not detract from me trying to learn, trying to grow and trying to expand my perception on a daily basis.

My passion, and skill set - training with the Animas School of Life Coaching - is delving into human nature, delving into who we are, who we want to be and the ways we can go about changing and growing.

I am grateful that my experiences have made me an optimist, and in awe of what the world holds for all of us and what we can bring to it, both in the present and the future - keeping in mind that there will be curves, swerves and bumps along the way, even some cases where we feel we've reached a dead end.

It should be a truth universally acknowledged that the only way we can change our lives for the better is by acknowledging and approaching those obstacles - frustration and pain often leads to self-discovery.

But sometimes we need help, we need someone to hold the map with us - and that's where I come in!

In the coaching space I am fascinated, and my curiosity is ongoing because that is what is needed to help you on your journey - whatever that might be, a goal that is tangible or not. A shift you would like to make mentally, spiritually or physically. Even perhaps starting with a realisation that you want to make a shift, but not knowing what that is!

I am a deep thinker, kind and determined and most of all I want to help, help you make the changes you want. This space is not about my truths, this is about finding yours, enriching your life, self discovery and empowerment in a ( and I am aware of how cliche this sounds!) in a safe, non judgemental space.


I am a trainee coach at The Animas Life Coaching School.

I chose this course for a few important reasons.

Firstly, it concentrates on Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and this centres on the belief that no one is broken- we can be very bent out of shape - however if we work from a place of not being broken (however strongly we feel we are!)

It is a matter of making shifts of beliefs, listening to the stories we tell ourselves of who we are, that might or might not be helpful, and focusing on the present and the future to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. This is not to say that we do not lean into the past and exploring it - but we lean into it for the reason of seeing how it can help us now and in the future.

This leads me to the second reason I chose this course, which is that we practice Transformational Coaching:

Transformational coaching — as taught at Animas — is a powerful way of exploring our personal beliefs and values and how these are shaping our experience of life, and our behaviours.

Transformational Coaching enables a journey of self-exploration which can give us greater self-awareness, and helps examine and reshape many areas of life.


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