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Alison Wilson - Qualified Coach

Redcar, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Career transition and progress  Success at interviews
Confidence and self belief Finding clarity. Setting goals
Leadership Coaching Starting or building a busines

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : Wellness Professionals At Work

Qualifications : Diploma in Life Coaching Skills (Association of Coaching Accredited)


About Me

I'm Alison and I help people who lack confidence and self-belief to move forward with their career goals and find joy on Monday mornings

Do you dread Monday mornings?

Do you feel like you're in the wrong job?

Are you sure you would be happier doing something else but don’t know where to begin?

Are you scared of failing and letting people down?

Has Covid left you feeling lost and unsure?

Do you feel terrified at the thought of making a change?

I hear you because I’ve been there...

Every Sunday night would be filled with dread, I HATED Monday mornings with a vengeance. What stress and pain was coming my way this week?

I spent a number of years climbing my way to the top of the career ladder in Human Resources.

On the outside, I probably looked like I had it all – my own team, my own office, money to spend on all the holidays I wanted. But I was dying inside most of the time.

I felt trapped in a career I had pursued for many years. I felt trapped by the status and financial rewards attached to my work. The thought of starting at the bottom with something else filled me with shame and dread.

If there were alternative routes I could go down, I couldn’t see them and I was too stressed and tired to go looking.

I doubted that I had the relevant skills or qualifications to do anything else anyway and starting ‘at the bottom’ again was a big no for me.

Living a life that wasn’t aligned with my values and strengths eventually took its toll. I ended up off sick with stress and burnout.

So began a journey of self-discovery and finally, I found the self-belief and the courage to make a move. I overcame the limiting beliefs that had been totally holding me back.

It turned out that I DID have the skills and expertise and that taking a pay cut to pursue my dreams really wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it was.

I now love my Monday Mornings! I feel happy and fulfilled and my work-life balance is so much better.

It’s taken me 30 years to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life!

I had some coaching myself right before I made the move into my new career. Now I look back, I realise how I could have saved myself years of pain if I'd done this sooner. It gave me clarity and accountability to do something about my situation (instead of complaining about it which was my default setting before!)

It makes me so sad when I see others who are stuck. Who have so much to give and so much potential, but they stay on an unfulfilling career path that doesn’t bring them happiness.

Isn't it time for you to look forward to Monday mornings too?

I would love to help you short-cut years of soul searching. To support you with warmth, patience and curiosity to find out how to align your strengths, values and passion with your work. (And even though Human Resources ultimately wasn't the career for me, those years of experience are helpful for both of us now!)

Booking your one-hour FREE introductory coaching session will give you a huge kickstart to move forward.

During this initial session, we will get to know each other, discuss your current situation, clarify your goals and you will have at least one concrete action step to take away.

If one session gives you this, imagine the difference regular coaching sessions can make. When you work with me, I will show you exactly where you are holding yourself back and teach you powerful tools to change the way you think. You will get results faster than you ever have by yourself, saving yourself time, money and effort. You will feel happier, solve problems faster and more effectively and enjoy life.

At the end of our call, I will tell you more how we can continue to work together and gain you the best possible results.

To find out more about me, what I can offer along with client testimonials check out my website at and also check out my video at

I look forward to helping you to annihilate self-doubt and smash your goals!


Career transition, career progression, confidence and self-belief, leadership and executive coaching, interview success, starting and growing a business, becoming an entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner

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Alison made me feel immediately at ease [more]
I would highly recommend Alison she listens carefully to you and gives you the help needed, the meeting with her was great full of insights [more]


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