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Sandra Lynch - Qualified Coach

Glasgow , United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

DISCOVER Core Energy  GROWTH & Resilience
The Law of Attraction Change & Agility
Stress & Energy Leadership Success

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
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Sandra is offering 2 free sessions


Trained with : iPEC

Qualifications : Certified Professional Coach (CPC)


About Me

Hello & WELCOME 2022 - let’s make this YOUR year !!

I’m Sandra - Creating fresh opportunities for stubborn situations so that you can transform complexity into harmony and balance.

As a certified professional coach, I have grown to learn there is strength in vulnerability. Where I once struggled with shame for example with my dyslexia I realised this was a label with a limiting belief I placed upon myself and by addressing this label I was able to create opportunity. I have worked through other life experiences such as redundancy, relationship breakdowns, burnout and one of the most life changing experiences grief. Coaching enabled me to reframe these experiences and now I have a successful and fulfilling life. My passion is to share the experience of coaching with others to help them achieve and experience the life they want.

So I established my coaching practice, Discover Growth in March 2021. I began enabling people to transition, either in their personal or professional life using my innate skill to change the lens.

I inspire and empower my clients through Core Energy Coaching in a number of areas:

Finding clarity and vision for the future
Making strong decisions and wise choices
Creating positive habits
Creating personal boundaries
Personal leadership
Letting go of ‘baggage’ and improving confidence

My back ground is over 30 years in the events industry and 20 years as part of the senior management team. I am very experienced in motivating and achieving results on both an individual and team level I offer both coaching and mentoring services for professional growth.

Bringing my corporate experience into my coaching practice, I partner with my clients to provide the right balance of support and challenge. A member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am governed by their code of ethics so my clients are always in safe hands. We work together to develop positive habits, deal with stress, personal leadership, achieve professional goals and more. It’s a privilege to be part of my clients journey of self-discovery finding their passion and being the person they want to be.

By harnessing my energy, curiosity, warmth and passion - together we create an action plan for success and then smash it out the park!


The idea that we are all made up of energy is a familiar concept; energy moving at different levels/ frequencies is basic physics. So the Core Energy Coaching foundations are established within this concept.

Core Energy Coaching does not coach the issue but instead focuses on the energy causing the issue and unpicks how this manifest in the client. It is transformational coaching for those in transition.

As a Core Energy Coach we will work together exploring how your energy is showing up, raise awareness and further exploration to enable you to choose a path with sustainable energy to create meaningful change.

You can access self attitudinal assessments to raise your awareness- choose the area you wish to working on - training materials are included in the package together with task assessments to monitor your progress. It is truly life changing stuff !

A proven methodology supported by quantitative research at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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I had 3 sessions for now and all can I say is that the tips she gave me helped me so much, I started noticing my self from different perspectives, and doing all the things I used to procrastinate about, not only that but in this short period I got healed from Burn out!
I'm so grateful for the service she offered me! Thank you so much Sandra! [more]


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