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Coach Jacopo Conficconi
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Jacopo Conficconi

Milano, Italia


Languages : English, Italian

Coaching Specialties

Transition Coaching  Executive Coaching
Life Coaching Corporate Coaching
Health and Wellness Coaching Relationship Coaching

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes ViberYes
SkypeYes EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

Jacopo is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

What's holding you back from having a successful life?
I'm Jacopo and I'm a Core Energy Coach.

So I partner with people and organizations who are ready to tap into their inner full potential, in order to live up to their highest goals and desires, while bringing joy and deep passion in every aspect of their lives.

This proven methodology is called Core Energy Coaching ™, and helps people expand their perspective, release any blocks, create new possibilities, and become the best version of themselves.
I also benefit from a multifaceted long experience in corporate, I got a certification in Health Coaching, and I’ve always dealt with transition and personal development.

Since I’m still a trainee energy coach, my starting package currently covers 3 free sessions, and allows any person to get a sense of “what shifting our energetic potential” means to consciously create the success they desire.

If you want to know more about myself and about Core Energy Coaching™, feel free to reach out to me.



This methodology has been developed by iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) starting from scientific research in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, and it’s based on the evidence that humans are energetic beings, and the quality and amount of core energy a person experiences on a daily basis will determine their overall potential to pursue goals and desires.

Core Energy Coaching ™ gets to the root (“Core”) of an individual’s challenges by gently identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block a client’s success. From this place, they can overcome these “inner” blocks to cultivate new perspectives, understanding who they really are and who they deeply want to become, and so being able to fully achieve their “outer” goals.

It’s a deep partnering process, with coach and client equally involved. The coach is there to facilitate the process as the client uncovers their own creativity and unlocks their unlimited potential.

To know more about Core Energy Coaching, you can visit iPEC Coaching website.


My starting package is a unique occasion to experience Core Energy Coaching ™ for free, and it’s structured in the following way.

1. Introductory Session (around 30 min): sharing client's purpose and desires, and intro to core energy coaching and how to work together with the client.

2. Exploring Session (around 60 min): exploration of internal blocks, shifting the personal energy and mindset.

3. Insight Session (around 60 min): learnings, insights and next conscious steps towards client’s goals.


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