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Reece Wood

Sydney, Australia


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Illness/way forward  Mens health/life goals
Fear/stress/Anxiety Career/Employment, work/life
Team/workplace management Intuition coaching

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime
Telephone Viber
SkypeYes Email
ZoomYes WhatsApp

Reece is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

Are you trying to deal with life and struggling with where you are at?
Perhaps fear, uncertainty, anxiety, sadness have enveloped you and NOW you WANT to change.

People work with me because I walk the talk and use empathetic yet straight forward techniques to get you to where you WANT to be and have the life you WANT and deserve.

Having immersed myself in the corporate world for 30 plus years I have uncovered the secrets of staff management and managing diverse corporate machinations and coping mechanisms to move forward in a positive way.

On my journey I encountered deep loss, chronic illness and relationship issues that give me experience and empathy in my vocation.

I am an end of life trained Doula, walking meditation teacher as well personal development/life coach.

Our sessions are confidential, relaxed and open with a bit of humour thrown in.


I am passionate about helping people deal with either chronic illness, Fear /stress/anxiety that is affecting you in order to move forward. Believe me I have been there.

I help people in the corporate environment to bring focus and clarity to either career changes, promotions or interview preparation. I help successful business people develop plans to create a work life balance or manage workplace issues that works towards a fulfilling joyful life.

I specialise in men's health (mental and physical) to deal with the many things that are not or cannot be said to either partners and friends or to ourselves but are important for a healthy happy life. I bring an initial 360 degree review of "WHERE I AM AT" and then together map out a path to where YOU WANT to be. Seperation and life, post divorce.

Do you find being mindfulness or doing meditation is difficult or "I cannot seem to do it but I want to". Well let's work together so it becomes intuitive and easy, I have the tools and experience to make that happen for YOU. I work with YOU to help YOU discover what will work for YOU.

Reviews (2)

He is pretty great at what he does, the ear of listening and the gift of knowing just what to say in order to get the thoughts flowing are but two of his many strengths [more]
Reece is a warm, supportive and wise coach who will make anybody's day go better [more]


Men's health, fear, stress, anxiety, illness, peace, happiness, career change, staff relationships, work life balance, Relationships, meditation, mindfulness.