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Coach Helen Gray
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Helen Gray - Qualified Coach

Birmingham , United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Optimising Health  Self esteem & confidence
Well being Lifestyle Coaching
Life Balance Healthy habits

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Yes Facetime Yes
TelephoneYes Viber
Skype EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

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Trained with : Pure Coaching Academy, London

Qualifications : Accredited International Life Coach and Member of IAPCM


About Me

Hello! I am an international health coach for individuals and families who are looking to enhance or change their health with positive lifestyle habits.

As a health coach I help clients change their behaviour so that they can be on their A game for work, for relationships, and the family but most importantly themselves.

With my professional support, you can change your life to enhance and protect your mental, emotional and physical health.


I qualified as an international life coach whilst travelling Europe with my three young boys in a VW campervan. Health is the core of our family life. My children have coeliac disease and intolerances so nutrition plays a huge role but health and happiness incorporates physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing too.

I live by 'health is our greatest wealth'. I believe as a coach it is my job to encourage and support individuals and families to change and transform their health with positive lifestyle habits.

I work with new clients for a minimum of six sessions. It takes consistency and time to create long lasting change so i will help you to create the foundation for this.

Contact me to schedule a free session. I want to hear what you want and more.

Lets kickstart your transformation!


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