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Coach Ian  Richards-Thomas (He/Him)
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Ian Richards-Thomas (He/Him)

Birmingham, United Kingdom


Languages : English

Coaching Specialties

Acceptance/self-actualization   Creating Work/Life Balance
Sexuality / Identity  Self Esteem & Personal Growth
Changes & Transitions LGBTQ+

Coaching Methods

Face to Face Facetime
Telephone Viber
Skype EmailYes
ZoomYes WhatsAppYes

Ian is offering 3 free sessions


About Me

Hi, I'm Ian Richards-Thomas. I’m looking for an opportunity to serve my community. I understand that it’s been tough recently and may be tougher in the future. We are now asking ourselves many questions: What am I doing now? Where do I want to go next? Who do I want to be?

I enjoy being a father, husband, foster carer, public speaker, workshop facilitator and life coach who has helped 100s of ex-offenders, young people, parents, and individuals develop and implement their personal growth plan.

I am passionate about empowering people to find their authenticity and true belonging so they can form a path from where they are to where they want to go. This collaborative process develops resilience, confidence, and ability to deal with emotional exposure.

My passion is for people living a life that empowers them and that they have chosen for themselves. I have experienced how coaching can support this process..

I’ve been on my own personal development journey for the past few years, so I understand the need to turn things around for the good of my life to live fully and increase my wellbeing. I see and feel this is possible for you too!

We all have the power within us to get to where we want to be, all we need to do is ask ourselves the questions that will give us insight into what's getting in the way of us achieving those goals.

In our life coaching sessions I will be inviting you to have courage and bravery in the pursuit of the change that you want to make in your life.

All sessions will be operated in Greenwich Mean Time.


* Identifying limiting beliefs/psychological blocks - what is holding you back?
* Embracing opportunities as they arise – what would you like to say yes to?
* Creating a balance that works for you - whether work/life or as a stay-at-home parent.
* Prioritising yourself and your needs – what is it that you need?
* ‘sex-positive’ attitude / alternative lifestyle communities (ie. gay, fetish, poly, etc.)
* Discovering your authentic self/learning more about yourself.
* Intersectionality
* Explore your personal beliefs and values - how do they impact you?
* Creating and maintaining personal boundaries.
* Learning to trust yourself and your intuition


Self-Belief, Self-Esteem, Self-Discovery, Authenticity/Authentic/Gaining Clarity, Purpose, Values, Confidence, Healing, Limiting Beliefs, Fear, Habits, Comfort Zone, New Opportunities, Feeling Stuck, Feeling Lost, Parent, Change, Transitions, Personal Growth, Self-Development, Motivation, Career, Mindset, Finding Your Voice, Personal Growth, Resilience, Empowerment, Change, Life, Support, Fulfilment, Intuition, Passion, Empathy, Positive Thinking, Positivity, People-Pleasing, Difficult Situations, Toxic, Empowering, Velvet rage, Sexuality, LGBT, Intersectionality, Polyamory, Adoption, Fostering, sex-positive, Men, BAME. same sex parenting, masculinity.